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Preview/Review: The Darkness #7

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On November - 13 - 2008

After some rocky times in South America, Darkness-wielder Jackie Estacado is finally trying to make his way back north. With all of the troubles he’s had lately, it would seem like this trip would be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, things are just never that simple for Jackie. Hit the jump to read all about The Darkness #7, as well as getting a look at the first few pages.

The Darkness #7
Writer: Phil Hester
Artist: Jorge Lucas
Cover Art: Jorge Lucas, Stjepan Sejic

I never thought I would feel sorry for Jackie Estacado, given his cruel and twisted history both as the Darkness holder and leader of the criminal underworld, but the poor guy has had it really rough lately. No matter what he does, it seems like he just can’t catch a break. Maybe it’s karma, maybe it’s his fate as the one permanently in the dark, but even on a road trip through a sleepy village, trouble follows Estacado.

I enjoyed the last storyline in The Darkness, but I was also glad to see a new arc kick off in this issue. It’s always nice to start fresh, especially with the events of Jackie’s recent history. This one had an interesting new setting, a small town south of the border in which a child greets Jackie with a warning: “It’s not safe.” Of course it’s not. Unfortunately, Jackie can’t go anywhere else until he gets a new part for his run-down motorcycle. Besides, after battling his own demonic offspring, how bad could this be?

The Darkness #7 is a great self-contained story in addition to being a fresh start to a new storyline, and overall the issue is one of my recent favorites. I loved the subject matter, which Phil Hester, as always, did an excellent job of writing. I loved Hester’s use of Estacado’s lifetime of painful, brutal memories as an asset, a moment made even more powerful by the beautiful art of Jorge Lucas. Jorge is one of Top Cow’s best artists,  and his guest stint on this issue gives it a bit of a different look–perfect for the beginning of a new storyline. His portrayal of La Bruja de Las Paredes is also wonderful.

The Darkness #7 is on sale this week at your local comic shop. Longtime fans won’t be disappointed by this one, but if you’ve been curious about Jackie Estacado’s adventures but too wary to jump on, now is probably the best time to do so.

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