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What to Watch for Thursday

Posted by Luke Brown On December - 3 - 2008

For comics shipping 12.04.08 or The Week (For Better or Worse) A New Punisher Movie Arrives. Every week I’ll check Diamond’s shipping list to see what you absolutely, positively, no doubt about it need to spend all your hard earned cash on at the Local Comic Shop.

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Crossed #2

Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows’ latest entry into the horror genre is supremely fucked up. You see, there’s this plague that causes you to just start commiting heinous acts upon others. Like having sex with freshly inflicted knife wounds while setting the person on fire. The book follows a small group of survivors trying to escape to… well, anywhere. Still interested? See if you can stomach what’s sure to be a nominee for my best new series for $3.99. It’s so worth it.


Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #1

Mike Mignola reteams with Duncan Fegredo on a new series starring everybody’s favorite demon, Hellboy. After watching Hellboy II: The Golden Army again, I’m really looking forward to more monthly adventures of Big Red. Fegredo’s one of the few artists who does Hellboy nearly as well as Mignola himself, so there’s even more to be excited for since he’s going to be handling art chores on the 8 issue series. Make sure to grab this $2.99 comic on Thursday. Whether it’s your first time reading Hellboy, or you’re a returning fan, this is a book not to be missed.


Terra #3

When we last left off, Terra had come face to face with the man whose sister she shares some strange similarities with, GeoForce. There was some kind of zombie invasion thing happening too, and to be honest, I don’t care what happens next as long as Amanda Connor is drawing it. The woman packs her panels with tons of little details, which for those of us who spend lengthy amounts of time studying her pages is a nice touch. There are few artists who make everything they’re working on a “Must Buy,” but fortunately Amanda is on that list. Add this $2.99 book to your buy pile.


Criminal #7

Ed Brubaker. Sean Phillips. This is the last issue before the series takes a hiatus so the creative duo can work on their next creation, Incognito (which by the way, will be making this list very shortly). $3.50 gets you great noir comic with no ads. You can’t beat it.

Marvels: Eye of the Camera #1

It’s been just about 15 years since Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross’ seminal work, Marvels, was on stands, and it’s been overdue for a sequel for a long time. This time, Busiek will be teaming with Jay Anacleto to bring photographer Phil Sheldon, and his blue-collar perspective, back to the Marvel U. Centering on the late 70s and early 80s of Marvel history, this book can’t be missed by any fan of superheroes, no matter whether they like Marvel or not. Don’t miss this $3.99 comic, or the subsequent issues. They’re sure to fly off shelves.

Secret Invasion #8

Finally, the conclusion to Marvel’s big story of the year. But what will the outcome be? Only one way to find out. Read this $3.99 comic to see just what kind of shape the Marvel U will be in for the next year.

X-Men: Noir #1

Ever since talking to artist Dennis Calero about this book, I’ve been super-excited for it to finally hit shelves. Taking place in an alternate history where all our favorite mutants came onto the scene in the late 30s instead of the early 60s, X-Men: Noir is the first of a handful of titles putting a new spin on our favorite characters. Have you ever heard of a woman named Jean Grey? Take a chance on this mini-series for $3.99.

See you next week.

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