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Review: Zero-G #3

Posted by Luke Brown On December - 4 - 2008

Wondering if you’ve been missing out some decent sci-fi from Top Cow? Hit the jump to see whether or not you should be reading Zero-G or not.

Zero-G #3
Writer: Alex Zamm
Artist: Jason Badower
Cover: Jason Badower

I’m actually really impressed with this book so far. Three issues in, and each one left me wanting the next. More often than not, I find myself trade-waiting new mini-series because I can’t possibly read every new series that starts up. I’m pretty glad I gave this book a shot, as Alex Zamm and Jason Badower continue to impress me with each issue.

Over the course of the first few issues, I’ve grown pretty fond of Zamm’s characters. Lead protagonist Atom Weaver has grown on me, and instead of being a typical science nerd hero, has become a bit more interesting. The story behind the massive asteroid that just so happened be on a course passing by Earth has also had some more intriguing developments, and Zamm does a good job taking it in a direction other than what one would normally expect.

I don’t know what convinced me to only call Jason Badower’s art serviceable last time I reviewed his work. Whatever happened, know that this issue Jason’s art is very good. His characters and environments are all well rendered, and not once did I feel like the story would be better served by another artist. I’m glad he’s working on this book, and I honestly hope to see more from him in the future.

I’m actually a little sad that this series is almost over. Zero-G has definitely helped me rediscover my interest in sci-fi, and I look forward to the conclusion of this tale. I’m pretty sure that Zamm and Badower will deliver. Even if you’ve missed the first few issues, I’d recommend looking into picking them up.

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