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Preview/Review: The Darkness #10/#74

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On January - 23 - 2009

Last month, Jackie Estacado made a deal with a devil in order to rescue his own damned soul from Hell. Want to know how that’s working out for him in The Darkness #10/#74? Just hit the jump to find out.

The Darkness #10/#7
Writer: Phil Hester
Artist: Jorge Lucas
Cover Artist: Frazer Irving

After being imprisoned by the demonic Sovereign a few issues ago, Jackie has basically been working as a hitman, killing those previously granted immortality by the Sovereign. While his victim in the last issue raised a few questions about the morality, this time Jackie’s target is a major meth dealer and former police officer who killed an entire family, including two small children, with a lead pipe. After leaving town, the druglord set up a new crime ring and settled in to enjoy the immortality he was given by the Sovereign. It’s Jackie’s job to take it back.

Jackie seems much more at ease working for the Sovereign in this issue than he did in #9; the two interact  almost like business partners, which is slightly amusing. This story arc is really interesting to me, and Phil Hester is doing an excellent job writing it. I’m definitely enjoying the smaller tales within the larger overall plot of Jackie’s attempt to regain his soul (and thus, his control over the Darkness). It’s still fairly ironic that Jackie has to kill others in order to save himself, and maybe annihilating a bunch of dealers and murderers doesn’t right their wrongs. However, he’s stuck, and he’s just doing what he has to.

There are also some a couple of soft, sweet moments in this issue, which are enhanced by the subtle artwork of Jorge Lucas. Lucas does an excellent job of conveying Jackie’s feelings without needing a lot of words, like when Estacado reaches for the flowers of a maple tree, a brief moment that has a fitting payoff in the end of the issue. It’s just nice to have a moment or two like this, no matter how brief, in a story otherwise filled with darkness, despair, misery, and turkey shit. (Yes, literally.)

I wonder how long it will be before this deal comes back to bite Jackie in the ass. I really don’t think the Sovereign will make things as simple as he has implied–he is basically the devil, after all, and is currently in the process of screwing over many other people he’s made agreements with. I’m ready to follow this story wherever it goes, though. I just hope it continues to be as good as the last two issues have been. The Darkness #10/#74 is in comic shops now, and it’s worth adding to your buy pile.

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