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Review: Dragon Prince #4

Posted by Luke Brown On January - 28 - 2009

Ron Marz and Lee Moder’s latest entry into their Top Cow mini-series, Dragon Prince, arrives in stores this week. Hit the jump to see what we thought.

Dragon Prince #4
Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Lee Moder
Cover: Jeff Johnson, Ryan Sook, David Petersen

By now, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of Ron Marz. His name is on the short list of writers that I’ll read anytime they have something coming out. A book like Dragon Prince isn’t necessarily something I would pick up, but since it’s a Ron Marz penned project, I gave it a shot. Now that the first mini-series is complete, I’m actually pretty glad I followed this story all the way through.

In the world of Dragon Prince, dragons are very real, and they actually can shape-shift into human form. The book followed teenager Aaron Chiang as he discovered that he was a dragon, and the subsequent dangers of being one in this day and age. Throughout the series, Marz had done a solid job on characterization, so when this issue was filled with non-stop action scenes, I didn’t mind too much. The whole series was basically building to this moment, and even though the dramatic final battle was over a few panels before I wanted it to be over (which I think had more to do with my wanting to see Lee Moder really let loose for another page or so), the series wraps nicely.

Moder’s artwork from issue to issue has been good, but in this fourth issue, when he gets to cut loose on a few different action sequences, you get to see just how talented the guy really is. Like I said above, additional panels devoted to the final battle was about the only thing I wanted more of this issue. That’s not to say what happens isn’t clear, but since there’s no more Dragon Prince coming (at least not for a little while), it would have been nice to have a few more pages devoted to Moder’s dragon-on-dragon action.

Finding audiences for new books isn’t easy, but hopefully Dragon Prince found enough of an audience to warrant more stories from this universe in the future. Marz and Moder leave things open for more of Aaron’s adventures, and should it continue, I’m looking forward to seeing where all of this goes. If you’re looking for something just a bit different when you’re at the shop this week, give this a look. I think you’ll be impressed.

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