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NYCC 09: Dark Horse Panel Liveblog

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On February - 6 - 2009

It’s Day One of New York Comic Con 2009, and I’m sitting in a ridiculously hot panel room, where the Dark Horse panel is about to start. My internet couldn’t be running much slower right now, but I’m hoping it doesn’t crap out over the next hour. Hit the jump to hear all about everything Dark Horse has to show us.

-Tales of the Vampires is set in the Buffy universe during Season Eight, but won’t have those characters in it.

-Dark Horse has become known for bringing online comics into print; they have sold really strong numbers, and many people were seeing these comics for the first time in print form. Next up: Simfest, as well as a second Achewood collection

-Umbrella Academy figures are coming out! Umbrella Academy was one of Dark Horse’s biggest hits last year, and was pretty awesome. I’m going to have to check them out in the Dark Horse booth later. There will be a book-and-figure set that will come with a special edition of the first book. Now I’m kind of sad that I already have it.

-A new story arc is planned for Conan the Cimmerian.

-Their Kull series has been selling well after starting back in November, and will get a second series in 2010.

-Solomon Kane is about to wrap up its first series, but they want to launch a second series by the end of this year.

-Hellboy continues. Yes! It’s currently in an eight-issue series, but they’re taking a break between issues 4 and 5; expect issue five in July.

-B.P.R.D., a Hellboy spinoff series of sorts, started with 1946 and now has a new series taking place in 1947, again exploring the early days of the B.P.R.D.

- We see covers for Witchfinder and Lobster Johnson, which will be getting a second series this year.

-Dark Horse will be bringing back Guy Davis’ The Marquis, both reprinting old material and adding more story.

-Werewolves on the Moon: Versus Vampires. Yes, that’s the name of a book. Yes, it’s probably awesome. Werewolves and vampires are battling for the dark side of the moon. Three-issue mini-series coming out in June.

-Rex Mundi will be ending in August after ten years. That’s a pretty impressive run.

-Beasts of Burden is about animals that get involved in occult situations. It started as a short story that is apparently so moving that it caused people to weep. Now it’s coming back for another short series. There are six dogs and a stray cat called “the orphan”. Adorable. I really wish I’d been reading this already, but I think I might need to start. The writer says to go ahead and download it illegally, and then makes fun of everyone for buying Marvel’s $4 comic books. I love this guy. It’s a book full of horror, adventure, and comedy. “It’s not a book for kids… unless you raised them wrong.”

-They quickly talk about The End League, Fear Agent, and Gigantic (which is about giant robots).

It’s time to open it up to questions!

-Are there any plans for more branching out? Absolutely, they definitely want to get their art out to a wider audience, including apparel.

-When will there be more Zero Killer? Probably around the middle of the year.

-When will we find out who Twilight is in Buffy? “Eventually.”

-What kind of webcomics do they read? It depends on different people in the company, the editors don’t really read one thing regularly.

-Another Buffy question (two, actually): Is Harmony related to what’s going on in the Angel comic? No. Will we see Angel in Buffy Season Eight (not in a dream)? Can’t say.

-The writer of Milk and Cheese (same guy from Beasts of Burden) keeps telling people to steal books. The editors don’t seem to much care for that.

-On Joss Whedon: “Joss is so busy with his stupid Dollhouse thing that he doesn’t have a lot of time for us.” That’s why Buffy hasn’t been on schedule lately, it’s very time-consuming for him, and why there’s no Serenity at the moment. Dark Horse is also interested in more Joss Whedon products, like Fray. Yes, please, give me more Fray.

That’s about all for now! Check back later for images and cover art, as well as more NYCC coverage.

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