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NYCC 09: DC Nation

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On February - 6 - 2009

Welcome to The Quarterbin’s coverage of the DC Nation panel. It’s the last panel of this first day of NYCC, so let’s see if my computer battery (and I) can hold out just a little longer. Hit the jump to read all about what Dan DiDio, Geoff Johns, Sterling Gates, George Perez, Greg Rucka, Bob Wayne, Eddie Berganza, and James Robinson had to say.

-Wow, this room is way more packed than I thought it would be this time of day. People really love their DC.

-Starting at 7:15 on the dot! Right on time. Very nice, guys.

-Dan DiDio gets the panel started off. His excitement is contagious. He’s really happy that there are enough people to fill the room.

-Taking care of business first. Dan shows off a gift from a fan: Darkside Monkey.

-Final Crisis. “Sucks.” “What the hell?!” “WOOO!”

-Grant Morrison isn’t there to explain Final Crisis. “I cannot do the accent, James can you do his accent?” Someone tries to imitate Grant.

-DiDio wants to clear up Final Crisis. “For you guys who came to a convention on Friday at 7:15. Just for you!”

-Started with Batman R.I.P. Then Final Crisis #1. Conclusion of R.I.P. “Batman was in a helicopter Batman jumped out of a helicopter damn thing blew up!” Final Crisis #3. “What happened in FC3?” “Grant Morrison’s peyote started working.” Then Batman. Another issue of Batman. Final Crisis #6. Final Crisis #7. “Who can help me out with #7?  Anybody?” “NO!” “Well, when you put it like that… it still doesn’t make any sense.”

-Dan DiDio wants to hear what we’re liking or not liking. Time for audience questions.

-“Can we hear the orange lantern oath?” “It’s my favorite oath, and no.”

-“Can you please stop going back in time, and going into space, and going into alternate Earths?” “Where do you want them to go?” Geoff: “Green Lantern’s in space, I apologize.” Geoff continues to apologize for everything he’s writing.

-“Did you cancel All-Star Batman?” “…No.” “Can you?”

-The audience is telling Dan what they liked about Final Crisis: Revelations and Resist and Submit.

-“I feel like Crises happen so often that they’re not important anymore.” “So if we called it Blackest Night Crisis, would you buy it?” “We’re not calling it that.”

-Dan also has three different DC shirts on, by the way.

-“I really love that you’re going to change the price of all your comics to $1.99!” “Well sadly, that was in the alternate universe that we’ve been asked not to go to anymore.” Blackest Night #0 is free, though—it will be given out on Free Comic Book Day.

-“Does death mean anything in the DC universe?” Yes, death does mean something. Not everyone is coming back, there is logic at work.

-Some hard stories and topics will be pushed in Justice League coming up. Without Batman. “He’s dead.”

-At some point in the future, Superman will be forced to leave Earth and become a Kryptonian.

-Dan is down to his fourth shirt, which he unleashes after accidentally cursing into the microphone.

-Will they cover the Golden Age? “I think the Golden Age is best covered by a man named Darwyn Cooke.”

-Some kid in a full Flash costume stands up, is invited up to the panel. As he moves, people shout at him to run. He does! He wants to know about the future of Barry Allen. “He’ll be back in the Flash universe.”

-Someone asks about plans for Green Lantern books after Blackest Night. Geoff: “We’ve already got something planned.” Dan: “The correct answer is we don’t know because we don’t know if any Green Lanterns will make it out of the Blackest Nights.” Geoff: “But I already did budgets!”

-Any plans to do more iconic versions of the characters? “We’re always looking at ways to tell more stories with them.”

-Why isn’t Tiny Titans in newsstands where kids can see it? “It’s really tough for anything to survive in that environment right now.”

-“Where can we look for Aquaman in the future?” “Underwater.” Actually, he’s in Blackest Night.

-“With Batman dead, will Batman comics still continue on?” “No one ever said Batman was dead, by the way!”

-What’s up with Hawkman and Hawkgirl? They’re alive and well in Blackest Night 0, they’ll have a part in the series.

-Dan is down to his last shirt. Lightning round time!

-The audiences starts firing off questions and gets some “maybe” responses.

-Sounds like everyone in the DCU will have a role in Blackest Night.

-“More Mad Hatter, please!” “Okay!”

-“Any idea what you’re doing with the New Gods after Final Crisis?” “They were delicious.”

-“Any chance of a Young Justice trade paperback?” “Not at this time.” Boos.

-“More 3D or no more 3D?” “Oh God, no more 3D.”

-“George Perez on an All-Star book?” “No, but George Perez on something big.”

-“Are you going to do anything with Secret Six?” “Other than put out a monthly book on a regular basis? Yes.”

-Doom Patrol? Yes

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