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NYCC 09: Marvel: X-Men

Posted by Luke Brown On February - 6 - 2009

Join us for a panel featuring the creators currently shaping the mutant menace in the Marvel universe. Hit the jump to see what CB Cebulski, Duane Swierczynski, Matt Fraction, Jim McCann, Jason Aaron, Mike Carey, Daniel Way, Marjorie Liu, Chris Claremont, Axel Alonso, Nick Lowe, and John Barber had to say.

It’s packed house, as pretty much everyone at the con is here to see what’s in store for the X-Men. Let’s get right to it.

- The finale of Millar and McNiven’s “Old Man Logan” will have an Astonishing X-Men-style special for the conclusion.

- Adam Kubert and Tommy Lee Edwards will provide art on two issues of Wolverine in the mean time.

- Young X-Men will be finishing with issue 12. In its place, New Mutants will return in May. The original team will be written by Zeb Wells and drawn by D’angelo Nieves (X-Men: Worlds Apart).

- Coming Soon: X-Force: Sex and Violence, a fully painted one-shot from Chris Claremont and Gabriel Del’otto.

- Dark Wolverine will be coming in June from Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu. This book will replace the Wolverine ongoing post “Old Man Logan.”

- Giuseppe Camuncoli will be drawing the new Dakken focused book.

- Messiah War is the second chapter of a saga started with Messiah Complex. Kicking off in March, Duane says things happening in Cable now will be shaping what happens for the months following.

- The mic gets passed to Matt Fraction, who sadly can’t reveal any single bit of information that isn’t already out there.

- Jason Aaron says expect a radical departure for the new Wolverine: Weapon X book: “There’s lots of stabbing.”

- Wolverine will be reminding people who are trying to create the ultimate killing machine that one has already been created: Him.

- Maverick will play a role as Wolverine’s companion in the book. Aaron promises that this book will feature everything he ever wanted to do with the character.

- Over in Deadpool, the assassin will be taking on Bullseye very shortly.

- A few new Chris Claremont projects: GeNext United, which will pick up directly after the events of the first mini. The team will travel to India to face-off against the relative of a villain of the current era.

- X-Men Forever, a new bi-weekly series picking up after the story Claremont did with Jim Lee. The X-Men face a radically different world than the one they’re used to. New foes, new characters. Drawn by Tom Grummet.

- Claremont promises to be going off in directions the complete opposite of what everyone expects from him.

The panel then opened up to questions from the audience.

- There will be some double-shipping months for the X-books in the future.

- Will we see any more Layla Miller? “Peter might kill us if we told you the answer.”

- At this point, Peter David makes a grand entrance to much applause.

- “Layla will, I would have to think eventually come back.”

- Any plans to make Storm a mother? Not out of the realm of possibility.

- A fan disgruntled by the fact Matt Fraction didn’t accept his friend request on Xbox Live hijacks the panel for a few mintues. Seriously, sit down

- What’s up with Psylocke? “Man, that’s a great question… I think it would be great if Greg Land drew Psylocke.” – Matt Fraction

- Claremont promotes Sword of the Braddocks, reuniting Betsy and Captain Britain.

- Fraction: Things are about to get very difficult for Scott.

- Any plans for Apocalypse returning? You never know.

- How big of a year will Cyclops have? “It’s not really just one year, he’s having a couple years here where decisions he makes will have ramifications…” – Alonso

- After the Messiah Trilogy, the will be a new status-quo for the X-Peoples.

Lightning Round.

- No plans for any OGNs for the X-Men.

- Any more Guthries in the future? Maybe Husk in a little while, but no other plans.

- Return of Hellion? X-Force “Prelude to War.”

- Plans for Lockheed? Not ready to talk about it just yet.

- Ahab returning? Read Moby Dick.

- Claudine in X-Men Legacy? Nope.

- Hope’s powers? “She has red hair and green eyes.” – McCann

- Iceman? Returning in Uncanny soon.

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