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NYCC 09: DC Universe

Posted by Luke Brown On February - 7 - 2009

The DC Universe panel was packed to the gills. Curious as to what Dan DiDio, James Robinson, Dan Jurgens, Geoff Johns, Ian Sattler, Mike Carlin, Peter Tomasi, Keith Giffen, Sean McKeever, Philip Tan, and Sterling Gates had to share with those in attendance? Hit the jump to read what you missed.

- James Robinson opened up by explaining what was happening in the upcoming Superman books.

- Superman will be leaving Earth to go to New Krytpon. Thus a void is left in the Super-books.

- Rucka will take over Action Comics with Nightwing and Flamebird, while Robinson stays on Superman, delving more into the rest of the superheroes in Metropolis like the Guardian and Zatara who is “a little shit.”

- Robinson plans to do for Metropolis what he did for Opal City.

- Rucka is in love with Ursa. “He loves those women, doesn’t he Dan?” – Robinson

- Supergirl will be torn between Earth and New Krypton, as the latter isn’t exactly what she hoped it would be.

- 2010 there will be a big Superman event that all of these things are building to.

- Peter Tomasi then took the mic to explain upcoming events in Green Lantern Corps.

- There will be big changes happening on Oa, particularly with the occupants of the Sciencells.

- Kyle and Soranik’s realationship will continue to grow.

- Daxam and Korugar will be featured in coming months leading to Blackest Night.

- Philip Tan describes the Green Lantern saga as Lord of the Rings in space, and his corner, the Vega system, is full of Golums.

- In the next issue of GL, Johns says we will find out the two caveats of being a Blue Lantern.

- After that, Tan and Johns start “Agent Orange” which features what Johns describes as his favorite Lanterns.

- Blackest Night starts in July. Johns almost spills the format and the person coming on board creatively for the story arc, and mentions something about the format before being cut off by DiDio. Wonder what all that means.

- Doom Patrol is coming back from Keith Giffen. “How many of you were fans of Morrison’s Doom Patrol?” cheers. “You will be really disappointed.” – Giffen

- “If you liked JLI, wait til you see what we do with the Metal Men.” – Giffen

- Kevin Maguire will be joining Giffen on the back-ups in the Doom Patrol book.

- Booster Gold will team with Magog in an upcoming Brave and the Bold story. The question that arises: will Booster tell Magog what he becomes?

- What’s coming up after Final Crisis? There will be four Aftermath books, including:

- FCA: Run (featuring Human Flame and the results of his posting of the Martian Manhunter killing vid)

- FCA: Escape (featuring Nemesis and the Global Peace Agency in what is described as a combination of the Prisoner and Saw)

- FCA: Ink (featuring the Tattooed Man, trying to set out on a new path and the addiction to evil)

- FCA: Dance… yes… Dance (featuring the Super Young Team trying to learn to do the right thing, and make their photo shoots)

- Each will include “at least one moment that you won’t believe they did in the DCU.” – Sattler

- April sees the first issue of Flash: Rebirth.

- “Hopefully we’ll have some fun in the Flash universe like we have in the GL universe. That’s our goal.” – Johns

- In an upcoming Teen Titans arc, the recently turned bad Jericho will be trying to out-Deathstroke Deathstroke.

The panel then opened up for questions.

- How big will the Orange Lantern Corps be? “I don’t want to put a number on it.” – Johns

- Future plans for characters in the Terror Titans? It folds back into Teen Titans, and you will be seeing more of Ravager again.

- Since Kyle and Soranik are beginning a relationship, is she going to die? “I can’t answer that question.” The fan pleaded for no fridges. “How about microwave ovens?” – Tomasi

- Check out Adventure Comics for the future of the Legion.

- What is the Fifth World? “Fifth World will be the DCU following the events in Blackest Night… something like the fifth generation of the DCU.” – DiDio

Lightning round

- Will there be other single stories featuring other colored Lantern corps? Yes for all but one.

- Will there be another Robin after Tim Drake? Yes.

- Breakout artist for ’09? Philip Tan. “Really?” – Tan

- Where will people be able to find Simon Dark after the series concludes? Don’t know.

- “I’ve been building to Blackest Night since Rebirth.” – Johns

- Plans for Superwoman? Keep reading.

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