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NYCC 09: Top Cow Presents Berserker

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On February - 7 - 2009

It’s Saturday afternoon here at New York Comic Con, and Top Cow’s Berserker panel is about to begin. I’m glad I got here early, because the room is packed with girls just waiting to get a glimpse of Milo Ventimiglia. Joining Milo will be his production partner, Russ Cundiff, Berserker writer Rick Loverd, and artist Jeremy Haun. Hit the jump to hear all about Top Cow’s newest series, which will be launching next week.

-There’s not an empty seat in the house, and the Berserker guys are already five minutes late. The fans are getting restless.

-Top Cow’s Filip Sablik takes the stage to moderate the panel. The president of Top Cow is also present. To kill time before everyone else gets here, they show a trailer for the Wanted video game.

-Jeremy Haun gets here before they can figure out how to get the sound working for the trailer. Milo and Russ arrive. Wow, I almost forgot how fucking cute he is. Sorry, had to get it out of my system. Rick Loverd is here as well, which means the whole party has arrived. And we actually get to hear the Wanted trailer now!

-Milo: “There’s a Darkness game coming out too, isn’t there?” Matt: “Yeah, it’s already out. The sequel will be out in 2011.” FINALLY! MORE DARKNESS 2 NEWS! Of course, that’s not official in the least, but this would mark the second NYCC in a row in which someone from Top Cow hinted at this game.

-We see a trailer for Berserker that Milo and Russ shot, with Milo in the Berserker role. Wait, no we don’t, technical difficulties. AGAIN. My computer battery may not hold out for all of these delays.

-Okay, now we see the trailer. It’s basically just a handheld camera on Milo going berserk for a few seconds.

-Berserker will be a very bloody, violent, not-safe-for-kids book.

-Issue #1 of Berserker comes out in June. They’ll ship about every 5 weeks.

-Russ and Milo are involved every step of the way.

-Time for Q&A. Does the comic touch on the Norse gods and other mythology? It’s all in there, but not addressed directly.

-Holy crap, I almost typed “Jess” instead of “Milo”. Anyway, Milo and Russ have some more comic ideas for down the road, because they are really enjoying working in this industry.

-Someone asks Milo if he’s going to write on Heroes. “I don’t really write, I just know the right writers.”

-Berserker is not going to be like the Hulk; there are going to be serious consequences for the characters’ actions.

-”Why Norse mythology?” “Because the Greeks are pussies.”

And my computer battery is now officially in the red, but it’s okay because the panel is wrapping up too. Stay tuned for more from the Berserker guys, and look for Berserker #0 in comic shops Wednesday.

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