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NYCC 09: Mondo Marvel

Posted by Luke Brown On February - 8 - 2009

After fighting with the internet all day, now that we’re back at Quarterbin HQ, I can finally bring you our coverage of the Mondo Marvel: 70th Anniversary panel with Joe Quesada, Brian Michael Bendis, Jim McCann, Tom Brevoort, Dan Slott, CB Cebulski, Joe Kelly, Fred Van Lente, Phil Jimenez, Frank Tieri, Steve Wacker, Chris Eliopoulos, and Greg Pak. Hit the jump to see what you missed.

Joe promises some cool announcements, so let’s just jump right into it.

- The Marvels Project: Brubaker and Epting give us the origin of superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Who was behind the funding for the original Human Torch? Why did Namor attack? “Sort of the Ultimate Origins of the Marvel U. “ – Brevoort

- New four-issue limited series: Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers from Chris Eliopoulos. Featuring Lockheed, Frog Thor, Red Wing, and Needles (Speedball’s cat… soon to be known as Hairball), Zabu, and Ms. Lion.

- Frank Tieri will be doing Punisher Noir. Takes place in the 1920s. “The Punisher kills a crapload of people.” – Tieri

- As Tieri describes the book, including mentioning nipple cutting and junk cutting, a mother takes two children out of the panel. To many laughs from the crowd and panel: x“It’s really a story about a father and his son.”– Tieri

- Planet Skaar will begin in May. Skaar will finally be coming to Earth. “Crazy revelations and things are going to happen.” – Pak

- “American Son” is a five-issue arc in Amazing Spider-Man starting with #595. Norman Osborn and his employees (HAMMER) are a major part of this Dark Reign tie-in.

- The arc leads up to the 600th issue, where Dr. Octopus returns. From there on, all the classic villains will start making their return all the way into 2010 which features the story “Sinister 666.”

- SNL members Seth Meyers and Bill Hader writing Spider-Man: The Short Halloween. Quesada introduces them as they make their way up to the stage.

- The book is a one-shot story the two came up with during the writer strike.

Panel opens up to questions.

- Bendis joked the new Sorcerer Supreme would be Lockjaw’s junk.

- The Black Cat lady is back from yesterday’s panel. “I’m still curious, am I getting my own series?”

- A fan asked if there were more plans for the Beyonder, or his jheri curl? “Secret Wars II was a terrible, terrible, terrible book.” – Bendis

- Any news on the rest of the Loners? They will be hopefully appearing more throughout the next year.

- Any plans for the Invaders beyond Avengers/Invaders? Still a little early to talk about it, but there are plans.

- Bill and Seth went to the Marvel Christmas party, and as after they left: “I think we may have pitched them a Spider-Man idea.”

- It’s not the most serious Spider-Man story you’ve ever read. “Nipples stay on.” – Meyers

- Any plans for Ben Reilly? “You have to convince my boss to put Ben Reilly in a book.” – Wacker

- Kevin Maguire will be on art for the Spider-Man: Short Halloween book.

- Any Juggernaut plans? Roger Stern and Lee Weeks will be doing a three-part story featuring the Juggernaut in Amazing Spider-Man soon.

- Bendis at this point steps down off the stage. “I have a question… Bill and Seth, last week you got to work with Steve Martin. I was wondering what that experience was like.”

- “It was fun to make him do Laser Cats.” – Hader

- We will see more of Pennance/Speedball in Avengers: Initiative.

- Will the Immortal Weapons get their own book? There will be more with them soon, but probably not a book.

- Any plans for the X-Statix? “U-Go Girl will be in an upcoming Incredible Hercules tale. Even though she’s dead.” – Van Lente

- When are we going to see Jughead vs Wolverine? “Sit down.”

- Why weren’t the missing people from Secret Invasion addressed? “Because enough was enough. Even I can drag on a story for only so long.” – Bendis

- “We will see what happened to Mockingbird on the Skrull world, and the fallout from Secret Invasion in that book (New Avengers Reunion).” – McCann

- Any plans for Toxin or Carnage? Yes to one of them (Carnage).

- Will Deadpool appear in any of Joe Kelly’s Spider-stories? Not at the time, but things are in the works. Possibly.

- Are comic sales going up, down, or staying the same? Check ICV2. “We’re doing well…” – McCann

- Whose soul was that in Hell if it wasn’t Mockingbird? It will be addressed in New Avengers Reunion #3.

- Brian leaves the stage to ask another question. “I’m sorry I said Secret Wars II sucked. That was insensitive.”

- Can you tell us about upcoming events in Incredible Hercules? #126 features the untold origin of Herc in the Marvel U. That same book will also feature a tale on what happened to Amadeus’ pet coyote. With art from Takeshi Miyazawa. Big green guest-star to boot.

- Still plans for Deadpool to show up in X-Force? “Deadpool’s kinda got his hands full.” – McCann

- Bill and Seth: Any superhero movies you guys want to do? “Are they married to the idea of Robert Downey Jr in the role of Iron Man?” – Meyers

- How much longer will we have to put up with the Red Hulk? “Until Jeph Loeb figures out who he is.” – Brevoort

Lightning round

- Marvel Zombies, Marvel Apes, Marvel Laser Cats? “Um… yeah?” – Hader

- More Nextwave?  When the creators have time.

- Luke Cage mini? Marvel Knights one in the works.

- Will Dark Avengers continue beyond Dark Reign? Yes.

- Anti-Venom? Dark Reign mini coming up.

- Plans for Defenders? In Hulk.

- Any Spidey villains Dan Slott hates? “Mephisto.” – Slott

- Any chance of Dan Slott of a new She-Hulk? Van Lente has a new She-Hulk mini coming.

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  1. Terrax the Tamer Said,

    Ms. Lion?!?! Seriously? Oy.

    On the plus side, Hader and Myers are very funny dudes. I hope they can write comics. Also really looking forward to New Avengers Reunion.

    Posted on February 11th, 2009 at 9:28 AM

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