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NYCC 09: A Strange Interview With Rob Reger

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On February - 9 - 2009

Last year during New York Comic Con 2008, I had a chance to interview Rob Reger, the creator of the iconic Emily the Strange. Continuing the tradition, I spent a few minutes talking to Rob again yesterday, where I got an update on the state of the Emily universe. Hit the jump to read the full interview.

We talked about Emily the Strange at New York Comic Con last year. What kinds of developments have there been in the world of Emily since then?

Well, one, we finished the novel and it’s out in June. It’s fully illustrated, the cover’s done and everything. We’ve written a second novel, so we’re working on the illustrations for that now. We got a deal for the Art of Emily book, which will be out later this year from Dark Horse Comics. We’re starting a Series Three comic book, I think you guys actually covered the online MySpace comic, and thank you very much for that. Nettoons actually launched this weekend, this is a create-your-own-Emily-cartoon online. We have tons of little video clips, and tons of songs and sounds you choose. You pick a background, you pick different animations, you can have Emily running, Emily flying, all poses, all sizes. You can do whatever you want.

What role did you have in the creative process of the Emily the Strange novel?

From the concept of the plot, working with Jessica on how the story unfolds and develops, the plot, the characters, pretty much the entire thing, through to the end of all the drawings. Me and Buzz split the art, he did a lot of the key line stuff, I did watercolors. Everything is kind of hand-in-hand, we all work really well as a team.

Last year, you said that there was an Emily movie and Emily video game in the works. Has there been any progress on either of these projects?

There has been some progress, but I have to say that it’s slower than I had imagined. We’re still getting the foundation together on that, still working out deal points with the studio. Mike and I have talked a lot more about the type of movie it’s going to be, nothing I can state yet, though.

Have any developers or publishers expressed interest in the Emily game?

Yes, several have…

Are you allowed to say which ones?

Yeah, sure. EA has, Nintendo has, Sony has a little bit, and there’s others. Maybe it was Ubisoft, I can’t remember. A lot of people have expressed interest, but we’re kind of waiting to wrap up some stuff with the movie, and then we’ll be right on the game.

The Emily line of clothing, make-up, and accessories has become a huge hit, but in the comics, Emily never changes her clothes, wears make-up, or dyes her hair. Do you think this is ironic at all? Will she be getting a makeover anytime soon?

Well, that’s a good question, and yes it is ironic, but irony is part of Emily’s game as well. You’ll see her every once in awhile wearing some slightly different things. I don’t think she’s gonna have bright pink hair, but she might dye her kitties with pink streaks.

When is Series Three of the comic starting?

Series Three will be out at Comic Con in San Diego.

Thanks again to Rob Reger for taking the time to talk to The Quarterbin and continue this NYCC tradition. Remember to keep checking back for more Comic Con coverage, as well as all of your Emily the Strange news.

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