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Review: The Darkness #11/#75

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On February - 16 - 2009

This is it! The big, celebratory issue of The Darkness is here: The Darkness #75. Also #11 in the current series, it’s the 75th issue overall since launching in 1996. So how did Jackie Estacado celebrate the big 7-5? Hit the jump to find out.

The Darkness #75
Writer: Phil Hester
Artists: Broussard, Keown, Benitez, Timson, Carter, Irving and more!
Cover Artists: Lee Bermejo, Dale Keown, Stjepan Sejic, Michael Broussard

For The Darkness #75, writer Phil Hester took a few steps away from the current storyline to do something a little more epic. As such, most of the book is set in a bleak, seemingly post-apocalyptic time on Earth. Is it the near future? An alternate universe? A dream? The reader is not told, but instead made to follow this new story as it unravels. Hester and the team of artists working on this commemorative issue have certainly done a good job showing an unimaginably dreary reality of some sort.

And where is Jackie Estacado in the midst of all this? He’s even less human and more of a cold, heartless, dark being. He once again wields an army of darklings and will decimate anything in his path without a second thought. The only time he shows any shred of humanity is when he is seen visiting the grave of his former sweetheart, Jenny. Other than that, however, he is just a monster of the darkness now. This Jackie makes the Estacado we know from recent issues seem like he had a heart of gold.

If you’ve been reading The Darkness lately, you know that this issue doesn’t really fit in and therefore may not make sense to you at some points while you’re reading it. This is true. I wish I could say more about what’s going on, but I will promise that there is a satisfying reveal at the end, at which point you will discover exactly what is going on. This was my favorite part of the book, because it was done so well; we can see that Jackie is really coming to terms with the consequences of his actions, and what they will mean for the future of humanity

It may jump away from the current arc, but The Darkness #75 feels every bit as important as a milestone issue of a comic series should. It’s in comic shops now, and fans of the series won’t be let down. Here’s to another 75 issues.

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