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Preview: X-Men Noir #4

Posted by Luke Brown On February - 17 - 2009

The final issue of the mini is almost upon us. Hit the jump to take a look at what’s in store for the X-Men of the Noir Universe.

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Immersed in the dark and gritty world of noir, the X-Men take on a drastic new role as their debut series comes to a stunning conclusion in X-Men Noir #4! Straight out of the red-hot Marvel Noir line, the creative team of Fred Van Lente and Dennis Calero set the stage for an action packed finale to an already fast paced tale of mystery and intrigue. The shadowy figure known only as “The Angel” bursts onto the scene, but what are his true intentions? Also, be sure not miss a stunning variant cover by series artist Dennis Calero!

Critics can’t stop talking about X-Men Noir:

“Wow! Fred Van Lente re-imagines [The X-Men] as late 40s/early 50s criminals in a brilliantly illustrated and fully realized Noir world.” – Paul Brian McCoy,

“Fred Van Lente clearly knows his stuff, and Dennis Calero has really captured the artistic atmosphere of the genre…it’s gritty, it’s mean, it’s dark, it’s full on noir.” – Phillip J. Eaves,

“The project Dennis Calero has been waiting his whole career for.” – Bryan Joel,

“I like all the parts of X-Men Noir… [Fred Van Lente] is clearly a writer whose time has arrived.” – Timothy Callahan,

You have never seen the X-Men the way they are in X-Men Noir! Has someone finally gotten to Unus the Untouchable? What is to be the fate of Peter Magnus? Find out in the final thrilling issue of X-Men Noir #4!

X-MEN NOIR #4 (JAN092458)
Pencils & Cover by DENNIS CALERO
Variant Cover by DENNIS CALERO
Parental Advisory…$3.99
FOC – 2/19/09, On-Sale – 3/11/09

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