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What to Watch for Wednesday

Posted by Luke Brown On February - 17 - 2009

For comics shipping 02.18.09 or The Week Pitchers and Catchers Report. Every week I’ll check Diamond’s shipping list to see what you absolutely, positively, no doubt about it need to spend all your hard earned cash on at the Local Comic Shop.

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Supergirl #38

Ever since Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle took over on this book it’s been pretty good. I like the new direction that they’ve decided to take Kara in, and it’s nice to see the character treated like an adult for once. Not that she hasn’t been before, but it’s certainly been a while since I was able to read this book without wanting to slap the lead character, and tell her to grow up. Spinning out of “New Krypton,” this latest arc focuses on a Kryptonian whose motivations may not be full of the best intentions for our heroine. I know I’ll be dropping $2.99 on this book to find out what happens next, and so should you.


Four Eyes #2

It’s been a while in-between issues, but I’m willing to forgive lateness if this issue is anywhere near as interesting as the first one was. In case you forgot, Four Eyes centers on a young boy, named Enrico, whose father was killed trying to wrangle a dragon for some illegal dragon fighting. When we last saw Enrico, he had only just started looking into his father’s mysterious career. Joe Kelly’s scripting is sharp (as always), and I’m really digging Max Fiumara’s work on interiors. This $3.50 book belongs on your buy pile, particularly on such a light week.


Dark Avengers #2

Even though Bendis has such a strong pedigree, I wasn’t sure just how necessary another Avengers book was. Getting Mike Deodato, Jr on art sure helped twist my arm, and after reading just one issue, I already have a front-runner for “Best New Series of 2009.” Yeah, it’s like that. It’s still early, so don’t be afraid to jump on this $3.99 book. The art alone would be worth it, but Bendis is clearly having a lot of fun with this book, so you’re going to be getting some of his best work here too.

Punisher: Frank Castle #67

For $3.99 you get an extremely pissed off Frank in Philly from Swiercyznski and Lacombe. Need I say more?

Spider-Man Noir #3

This whole new Noir line of books Marvel is doing are so cool they could do a Boom-Boom Noir and I’d be all over it. This issue sees a motivated Peter Parker take his fight to the Goblin. Carmen Di Giomenico has a nice style that suits this particular book very well, and David Hine’s pulp take on the hero is certainly interesting. Be sure to pick up this $3.99 book.

Trade Paperback/Hardcover of the Week

Queen and Country: Definitive Edition, Vol. 4

320 pages of Queen and Country: Declassified for only $19.95. That’s a deal you’d be a fool not to pass up. This collection, the final in the series, collects three mini-series focusing on the early years of several of Tara Chace’s co-workers. If you’ve never read Greg Rucka’s masterful spy series, don’t fret, as this volume is completely accesible to newcomers since all three tales are completely self-contained. I love this series, and can’t recommend it highly enough. Once you get into it, I’m sure you’ll be running back to your LCS to grab the rest.

That’s gonna wrap it up. See you next week.

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