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What You Missed: WonderCon 09

Posted by Luke Brown On March - 2 - 2009

WonderCon 09 may have been mere weeks after the NYCC, but that doesn’t mean the San Francisco convention didn’t yield any announcements. We took the time to scour all the reports to find all the important news. Hit the jump to see what you missed.

- Not only did Art Adams announce he signed an exclusive deal with Marvel Comics, but he also revealed his next project will involve the new Ultimate line and Jeph Loeb. The above character designs were shown, but Adams was tight-lipped about what they were for.

- Paul Dini’s got two new books coming out over at DC. He’ll be teaming with Dustin Nguyen on Streets of Gotham, a book that ‘will take place “all over Gotham’ and feature cops, other super heroes, and ‘anybody who is tangentially connected to Batman—but these are people who don’t really know who he is.”

- The other book, Gotham City Sirens, will feature Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy teaming up for an undisclosed reason. Dini made sure to mention the book “won’t be as light-hearted” as the animated adventures.

- Greg Capullo will once again be doing interiors for Spawn.

- In other DC news, it was revealed that Kate Spencer (Manhunter), will be stepping in as the new District Attorney of Gotham.

- Following Battle for the Cowl, Judd Winnick will be taking over writing duties on Batman.

- Fables fans can look forward to a Bill Willingham penned prose novel entitled Peter and Max, tentatively scheduled for an October 09 release. The book will feature an 8-page comic story drawn by Steve Leiahola that bridges the gap between the book and the comic.

- While not necessarily a huge announcement, there will be a Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men cross-over starting this June. The entire even will be written by Matt Fraction, and will feature art from Marc Silvestri, Greg Land, Terry Dodson, and Mike Deodato.

- Uncanny X-Men: First Class was also announced. The book will be a continuation from X-Men: First Class, and will be written by Scott Gray, and will feature art from Roger Cruz.


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