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Factor 5′s Cancelled Superman Game Exposed

Posted by Coop On March - 10 - 2009

Factor 5 might be secretly writhing in death behind closed doors, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t working on some cool projects when Death came knocking. Exposed on Unseen64 (which is struggling to stay afloat with recent traffic surges), the game looks to have been a good bit into development before it was cut short. The renders of Superman and Doomsday (below) look fan-tastic, and the video render, although crazy-early, shows some potential. Hit the jump for more.

It was supposed to have been revealed at this past E3 with a scheduled release for 2010. Sadly, the game has even less of a future than Battlefront III, and there’s very little chance anything like this will come out in the near future. A few more images are below, and even more can be found on the website.

I mean, it had to have been better than the last Superman game, right?

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