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Review: Witchblade #125

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On March - 17 - 2009


The milestone issue #125 of Witchblade hits comic shops tomorrow and kicks off Top Cow’s epic War of the Witchblades. We gave you a sneak peek at this issue last week, but hit the jump for the full review.


Witchblade #125
Artist: Stjepan Sejic
Cover Artists: Chris Bachalo, Stjepan Sejic

Over the last year, I have become a Witchblade fan. I’ve watched the long-running series get continually better, and have found myself looking forward to new issues more every month. The plotlines have been strong, and so has the artwork. Now that War of the Witchblades is starting, I’m excited to see what Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic can do with what is sure to be an epic arc.

Witchblade #125 is mostly build-up, without a lot of action, and I’m hoping it will pay off next month. That doesn’t mean that this issue was boring; it puts a lot of elements into place. We see the return of Sara’s jailbird sister, get an update on Dani’s confusing relationship with Finch, and find out that some enemies of the Witchblade bearers are still at large and waiting for an opportunity to strike (as if Sara and Dani weren’t big enough threats to each other).


This will make me sound like a broken record, but Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic work together wonderfully on this series. I think their teamwork is the reason I keep wanting more. I read a lot of comics every month, but Sejic’s artwork is always unique and refreshing. The fact that he uses such a different style really helps set this book apart from everything else on the shelf.

If you haven’t been reading Witchblade, but are at all curious about it, this week would be a really good time to jump on. The tension is building, and I’m expecting things to start getting crazy next month.

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