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Expanded Universes: Fallout

Posted by Luke Brown On April - 1 - 2009


Expanded Universes is a new blog where we take a look at the current trend of video games getting their own comic series, and propose a new series based on a property that hasn’t already been developed. We’ll give you the creative teams behind the books we want to see expand upon the worlds we only get but a glimpse of with our consoles. This time we pitch Fallout.

Writer: Darwyn Cooke
Artist: Darwyn Cooke
Inks: J. Bone
Colors: Dave Stewart

Comic fans may recognize this team as the men behind DC’s The Spirit relaunch a few years ago. Mr. Cooke is also responsible for, among other things, one of the best comic stories of the last twenty years; the epic ode to DC’s silver age, New Frontier. Dave Stewart and J. Bone, frequent collaborators of Cooke’s, help round out an art team that any publisher would kill for. Bone’s inks provide Cooke’s pencils with the pop and form that helps give the art a nostalgic feel (and allow the artist to get a book out monthly), while Stewart’s masterful colors turn black and white pages into vivid eye-catchers. These are the guys you want illustrating the world of Fallout each and every month.


Part of what makes the world of Fallout so interesting is the way it takes an alternate look at our history, particularly in Fallout 3 we’re able to see what would have happened to our progress had the Cold War escalated at an insane pace. Cooke’s ability to capture the look and feel of the time period is pretty well documented. This creative team’s current catalog isn’t exactly rife with post-apocalyptic fare, but you can tell from these shots that they could handle it.


As far as the action goes, Cooke and Co. have more than shown their capabilities as a storytelling ensemble. While working in the superhero genre may mean more of their catalog to this point is of the foot-fist variety, that doesn’t mean these guys can’t handle sci-fi action. Cooke’s layouts always get the most out of the dimensions afforded in a comic, packing a punch with each and every panel.


By now, you’re probably wondering just whom the story is going to follow, or what the book is going to be about. I get that, I do. The best thing about this series is that it’s going to be about everyone and everything. Or more specifically, whatever the hell the creative team damn well pleases. For instance, these guys could make each issue a stand alone tale similar to the way Jonah Hex is formatted, or maybe, just maybe, Cooke, Bone and Stewart would be part of a rotating team of creators that put their own unique spins on the Wastes every few issues. I’d like to see these guys get everything started though. The chops this team has shown time and again gives them the edge on kicking the whole shebang off.


There’s just so much opportunity out there in the Wasteland for stories to be told. Fallout 3 was chock full of people, places and events, and that was but a mere section of the world we got to see. Forget not knowing what the rest of the East coast looked like, what about the Mid-West, or even over seas? The possibilities are endless, and since there’s no real continuity outside of when the bombs dropped, this series could provide one hell of a sandbox for these creators to play in.

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