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Iron Fist Joins Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Posted by Luke Brown On April - 3 - 2009


Not sure how we missed this one, but, apparently, another playable character for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion was announced at GDC.  Chris has the scoop on Iron Fist joining the ranks of heroes in Marvel’s action-rpg.

The official announcement was made today on the MUA2 website, along with an intro trailer and a couple of images.

Despite the fact that no one seems to have known about this until yesterday, the news is being touted as a GDC announcement.  Regardless, bringing Iron Fist into the fray makes perfect sense.  Since his introduction in 1974, the character has been moderately popular, but hasn’t been a bona-fide Marvel star until his recent reinvention at the hands of writer Matt Fraction.  He now stars in one of Marvel’s most critically-acclaimed titles, The Immortal Iron Fist, and serves as a member of the comic universe’s premiere super team, the Avengers.  Besides that, he’s had a much-maligned movie, allegedly starring Ray Park as the multimillionaire kung-fu artist, in development for years.  He’s also got an array of powered-up martial arts attacks that should constitute a power-set that should fit perfectly in the game, both practically and visually.

15 down, 9 to go.  Which Marvel heroes do you see filling out the rest of the roster?

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