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DC Teases Justice League, Blackest Night Covers

Posted by Luke Brown On April - 7 - 2009


The Source revealed a few more images to tantalize fans looking forward to two new DC minis, Justice League: Cry for Justice and Blackest Night. Take a look at the cover’s after the jump.



I’m digging that Ivan Reis cover to Blackest Night #1, and I hope that beyond those inks there’s not much more added to it. Mauro Cascioli’s Justice League looks pretty sweet as well. You may have already heard about the team, but now we at least get a glimpse of who the rogue JLAers have set their sights on. Even though Cascioli and James Robinson’s super-team is only going to be starring in a mini, it definitely looks like something nobody is going to want to miss. I don’t have to sell you on Blackest Night any more than I already have. Both books are due to start this summer.

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