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Review: Hexed #4

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On April - 9 - 2009


Lucifer’s just your average girl, other than the fact that she’s an assassin, thief, and mystical force to be reckoned with. Oh, yeah, and she’s also been hexed, and has an ugly past that she’s not too eager to share. BOOM! Studios’ Hexed wraps up this week with Hexed #4, so read on to see what I thought of Lucifer’s first adventure.

Hexed #4
Writer: Michael Alan Nelson
Artist: Emma Rios

Before diving into Hexed #4, I had to start from the beginning, so I went back and read the first three issues. From the very start, this was an easy series to get into. Lucifer is an interesting character, to say the least, and in this issue, we finally get to learn a little more about that strange tattoo on her back, as well as her relationship with the Harlot. We also see that when things can’t seem to get any worse for the poor girl, they do. Having one murderous, power-hungry magical hitman after her was enough, but what’s she supposed to do with a million-dollar price on her head?

“The Devil I Know” story has been perfectly paced from the start, and this issue is no exception. Of course, there are still some questions I want answers to, like how she came to be friends with an older museum curator (who is, of course, no stranger to magic herself), and exactly what went down in Massachusetts. These questions, accompanied by Michael Alan Nelson’s solid writing, are going to keep me reading.

Emma Rios does an excellent job of portraying Lucifer’s world with her artwork. She draws characters with so much detail, you can really see the emotion on their faces. When I flipped through the issue again to try and pinpoint specific things that stood out, I found myself getting lost studying Lucifer throughout this issue. The girl goes through a lot in these pages, but Rios is more than capable of keeping up.

I’m new to Hexed, but I’m already a fan. I really want to see Lucifer’s adventures continue, so I hope Boom! comes out with a new Hexed series. This story may be over, but it’s not too late to pick it up. Hexed #4 is in comic shops now.

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