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Earth’s Mightiest News

Posted by Luke Brown On April - 24 - 2009


Just what is Earth’s Mightiest News? Read on to find out.

Today we’re proud to reveal our latest video venture, Earth’s Mightiest News. We live in a world filled with wonder, and only our intrepid reporters Chris Buek and Luke Brown can give you the hard-hitting news coverage you deserve. From the crime-filled alleys of Gotham City to the vast jungles of the Savage Land to the farthest reaches of our galaxy, the team here at Earth’s Mightiest News promises to bring you more coverage of more stories than any other news service on the 52 Earths.

We’ll be transmitting from our mountain hideout every two weeks to make sure you stay updated on all the cosmic events you can possibly handle, so stay tuned. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time.

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