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What to Watch for Wednesday

Posted by Luke Brown On May - 5 - 2009


For comics shipping 05.06.09 or The Week We Boldly Went… To The Movies. Every week I’ll check Diamond’s shipping list to see what you absolutely, positively, need to spend all your hard earned cash on at the Local Comic Shop.



Buffy the Vampire Slayer #25

Has this really been going on for two years? Sure doesn’t feel like it. Anywho, Doug Petrie joins Georges Jeanty for a Dawn-centric story where hopefully we’ll get some answers about just what the hell is going on with her recent changes. All of them. Oh don’t act like you’re not as hooked on Season 8 as I am. Nobody’s missing out on this $2.99 issue.



Flash Rebirth #2

Man, I really want this series to be fantastic, but so far it’s only been pretty decent. It’s a bit claustrophobic, both storywise and artistically, but there’s quite a bit of ground to cover, so I guess that’s to be expected. Ironically enough, this $2.99 book is off to a slow start, but the creative team is to be trusted. I just hope Van Sciver would stop drawing Hal walking around in that ridiculous flight jacket from fifty years ago. No modern day pilots wear those things.


Power Girl #1

Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Justin Gray are hopefully going to make a lot of comic readers really happy tomorrow. This team seems as close to perfect for a Power Girl series as there could possibly be, now let’s just hope this $2.99 comic is as cool as I hope. I mean, we all know it’s going to look great, so it’s basically just down to the writing.


Seaguy: The Slaves of Mickey Eye #2

There’s a shitload of shit happening in this book, and while not all of it is going to make sense right away, by the time Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart are done putting the pieces on the table, we should all be able to put it together. Or at least people on the internet far smarter than I am will be able to. $2.99 grabs you 22 pages of Morrison-y goodness with Cam Stewart pages… pretty much a no-brainer.



Killer of Demons #3

This book is really fun. I think anyone who can read this and not have a good time is a fool. Be sure to add this $3.99 book to your buy pile.



Agents of Atlas #4

Ooooh is this book good. Really, if you want to read a comic without a terrible amount of continuity baggage, this is where you need to be looking. Sure, characters show up in this book that are all over the Marvel U, but for the most part the stories in this book operate on their own just fine. Seriously, start reading this $2.99 book.


Daredevil Noir #2

How anyone could not want to read this is beyond me. The Tom Coker art alone is worth the $3.99, but add in the fact that this is one of the better Noir titles so far, and you’ve got a must buy.


Invincible Iron Man #13

Oh, Pepper, what have you gotten yourself into? Find out for $2.99.


War of Kings #3

This book has been pretty cool so far. I’m a sucker for space opera stuff, and Pelletier’s art has been spot on thus far. With Abnett and Lanning at the helm, you can bet that this $3.99 book is going to keep you entertained. Hey, we’re at the half-way point, and things are just getting started.



Atomic Robo: Shadow From Beyond Time #1

Boy do I enjoy a good Atomic Robo tale. What, you haven’t been reading Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener’s hilarious Sci-fi actioner? Oh, you poor, poor child. You really don’t know what you’ve been missing. Time to find out then, wouldn’t you say? Pick up this $3.50 comic.



League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Century: 1910

Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill return to bring one of the most critically acclaimed franchises back, though this time with a different publisher. I don’t really have to give you guys the hard sell here, but just make sure you pick up this $7.95 comic.

Trade Paperback/Hardcover of the Week


The Walking Dead: Compendium One

What is there to say about Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead that hasn’t been said already? This is pretty much the most enthralling read a person could ask for, particularly in zombie fiction. It may seem like zombies are being overdone, but when this book started five or so years ago, it was flying under ever radar in the country. For $59.99 you get over 1000 pages of incredible story, covering some of the most heart-wrenching moments in one of the best comics on shelves. Period. If you have the extra cash, make sure this book goes home with you.

That wraps this installment up. See you next time.

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