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Ender’s Game: Recruiting Valentine

Posted by Luke Brown On May - 8 - 2009


Take a gander at the newest Ender’s Game tale after the jump.

Marvel is proud to present an all-new adventure spinning out of the New York Times Bestselling author Orson Scott Card’s epic Ender’s Game series with the premiere of Ender’s Game: Recruiting Valentine! Jake Black, writer of the upcoming Ender’s Game Companion, teams up artist Timothy Green II and the Ender’s Game architect/creative director Orson Scott Card, to bring you this exciting original new one-shot that’s sure to please any Ender’s Game fan! Ender’s Game: Recruiting Valentine, a never before told story, features the older brother and sister of the already infamous Ender Wiggins and their quest to solve an injustice at their school. It’s up to Peter to teach Valentine nonviolent methods of persuasion to get the job done! Little does Valentine know Peter is setting plans in motion to one-day rule the world!

Do the other Wiggins children carry the same tactical finesse as their younger brother? Ender’s Game: Recruiting Valentine is the story that fan’s have been clamoring for! It’s a story that you won’t want to miss and it hits comic shop shelves everywhere this June!

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Creative Director ORSON SCOTT CARD
Written by JAKE BLACK
Pencils and Cover by TIMOTHY GREEN II
Parental Advisory …$3.99
FOC – 5/21/09 ON SALE – 6/10/09


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