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Impaler #3

Posted by Luke Brown On May - 22 - 2009


Impaler #3 doesn’t hit shelves until next week, but we’ve got an early peek for you.

Impaler #3
Writer: William Harms
Artist: Matt Timson
Cover: Matt Timson

Vampires are overwhelming America, state by state, and the only chance of survival lies at the hands of an ancient hero!
Lt. George Wagner arrives in Washington, D.C., hoping to find reinforcements. Instead, he discovers the nation’s capital has been abandoned, its citizens headed west, away from the approaching vampires. In New Jersey, Victor and Vlad are attacked by the unlikeliest of enemies – Vlad’s brother, Mircea, who was long thought dead but is out for revenge!

Full Color 32 pages $2.99 ongoing series


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