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Wizard World Philly 09: The Amazing Spider-Man Panel

Posted by Luke Brown On June - 19 - 2009


Read on to see just what Dan Slott, Fred Van Lente, Joe Kelly, and Arune Singh had to say about Marvel’s mighty webslinger. Will Pete survive The Gauntlet or the return of the Black Cat?

With little to no fanfare, the panel kicked off with Dan Slott excitedly teasing Amazing Spider-Man #600. “It’s the 600th issue of Spider-Man… It’s going to be huge! It’s 104 pages. It’s going to be huge!” While Marvel’s Manager of Sales Communications Arune Singh got the slideshow up and running to introduce the panel, he teased the crowd by saying, “Only one person loves Alpha Flight more than I do, and that man is Fred Van Lente. Fred, any chance Alpha Flight might show up in Amazing Spider-Man?” With a wry smile, Van Lente replied, “Yes. If I have my way.” Without further ado, it was time for the slide presentation.

The J. Scott Campbell cover to ASM #606 showed off Spidey kissing the Black Cat in front of an agast MJ. Kelly: “Black Cat returns just in time to mess things up during the ‘Red-Headed Stranger’ arc… Spidey will have a lot of girl troubles coming up.”

Before showing the next slide, the panel questioned Singh about just how much they were allowed to talk about. Checking his editorial notes, it appeared that it was okay to talk about the upcoming set of stories that would be part of “The Gauntlet” – a new storyline starting off in November, with its first story by Mark Waid and Paul Azaceta.

Slott revealed that one after another, Spidey will be taking on the greatest villains of his career. The webheads (what the Spidey writing team is calling themselves) locked all these great former foes away in a box only to be opened when the time was right. Waid will be reintroducing Electro, while Van Lente is bringing back Sandman. Slott himself will handle Mysterio’s return to which a fan replied, “Mysterio? Didn’t he shoot himself in the head?” Slott quickly retorted, “He’s a master of illusion.”

Singh then prompted the audience about their opinions on a certain character named Ben Reilly. Fan reaction was mixed, but before the session turned into a Clone Wars gripe fest, Kelly related that there’s a lot of “cool stuff to mine with these characters.” On that note, the panel opened up to questions from the audience.

- Will Kane be returning along with ben reilly? Kelly: “I think its safe to say hell be making a dramatic appearance, and you could say he might be being hunted…”
- Will we ever find out what Mary Jane whispered to mephisto? Kelly: “I wish I had a v8.” Slott: “Yes, a big artist is working on the story, and when its done its done. That’s pretty much all we can say.”
- With Norman Osborn, are there concerns he’s being overused? There will be some Norman Osborn news at tomorrow’s Dark Reign panel.
- Are we ever going to find out why Peter and MJ broke up? A huge hint will be coming in ASM #605. Gaps will be filled in on just what transpired in the coming months.
- Will we see more of Marcos Martin in the future? Slott: “Yes, he’s working with me on the Mysterio story for ‘The Gauntlet.’”
- Any chance we’ll see Tony return as Peter’s mentor? Not anytime soon. Iron Man’s pretty busy with “World’s Most Wanted,” which according to Slott is “one of the most definitive iron man stories… fraction’s knocking it out of the park.”
- When asked how many people in the Marvel U were going to end up knowing Spider-Man’s identity the group replied that not knowing Peter’s identity makes the stories better. Kelly: “You want things to be harder for spider-man.”
- Has Norman Osborn replaced Wolverine as the busiest man in the Marvel U? Yeah.
- Will the organic webshooters versus mechanic webshooters be addressed? Uh… the group hemmed and hawed around the subject before Kelly interjected, “These types of things have a way of working themselves out.”
- Bob gale will be doing some stuff for Marvel digital comics, including a 5-page story that is actually part of Amazing Spider-Man #600.
- For the foreseeable future, the webhead brain trust of writers will remain the same (Kelly, Slott, Wells, Van Lente, Kelly, Waid, Guggenheim, Gale).
- Kelly related a story about a note he got from editor Steve Wacker: Please make sure he’s not hitting a pregnant lady.
- Will we see green goblin soon? Kelly joked, “When you say soon?” Slott added, “How do you feel about the Hobgoblin?”
- What’s up with the Osborn’s hair? Van Lente: “Ask Steve Ditko.”
- Can we bring back the Silver Armor? Slott: “So you’re the guy that bought that one Heroclix?”
- Singh asked the panel who they’d like to see Spider-man team up with. Slott: “Moon Knight.” Van Lente: “Hercules.” Kelly: “Deadpool… would it be a good thing if that was maybe happening sometime soon?”
- Carnage coming back anytime soon? Slott: “I’d love to talk to you about that, but I can’t.”

And nearly as soon as it began, the panel concluded. Be sure to check back for more coverage of Wizard World Philadelphia all weekend.


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  1. Jason Said,

    So I guess Carnage is coming back soon? Otherwise he would have said No?

    Posted on August 25th, 2009 at 12:54 AM

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