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Wizard World Philly 09: Zenescope Panel

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On June - 22 - 2009


One of the panels we attended this weekend was Zenescope Entertainment’s “The Grimm Side of Success”, during which they talked about Grimm Fairy Tales and other current projects. Hit the jump for the recap.

-The panel starts with writer Raven Gregory asking to borrow my laptop, because there isn’t one  in the room. Typical WWPhilly organization! (He can’t borrow mine, because I’m working!)
-Someone is here with a laptop. It’s not working.
-Okay, working computer, we’re in business.
-Ralph Tedesco, David Seidman, Joe Brusha, and Raven are the panelists.
-How did Grimm Fairy Tales come to be? Let’s find out in a presentation of some sort!
-2005: Once upon a time… They wanted to make fairy tales for adults in comics, no one had done that before. (Ummm… Fables?) Book debuted in Philly in 2005. (Yay, local comic publisher.)
-They try to get a different artist for each issue, up to 39/40 now.
-Apparently fairy tales for adults means scantily clad women and boobs.
-Sela vs. Belinda, the protagonist and antagonist of Grimm are profiled. Compares Belinda to Magneto. Um… people on the panel don’t seem to know Sela’s origin.
-Doing a new Dante’s Inferno series starring Mercy Dante… who has big boobs and guns.
-Salem’s Daughter, incorporating American myths (i.e. Jersey Devil)
-Merc is a story about mercenaries in the future. Sacrificed bodies to become superhumans. What they don’t know is that this is a death sentence after about 10 years. Sounds interesting.
-They’re doing more sci-fi now.
-Agon: there’s an interplanetary battle, with ten best warriors from each planet fighting, loser planet gets blown to smithereens
-Neverland (just logo shown, “brilliant use of artwork”), similar to Wonderland, fairy tale universe, and that’s all they will tell us.
-Exclusive WW Grimm covers have Sela in Phillies gear, it’s cute. Retro baseball card covers.

Then it was time for questions from the audience.

-Would they make animated series? They want to make Wonderland into a movie at some point, but they don’t know.
-Raven gets up and leaves for no apparent reason.
-Salem’s Daughter inspiration? A lot is inspired by Salem witch trials, grew from there.
-What’s going on with Strawmen? Contemplating releasing a trade, want to have compilations out by end of year. Screenplay in the works.
-No Quarter? Where is it? Can’t talk about it. (#0 came out earlier this year, and it fell apart).
-Is there any fairy tale they would love to do but can’t? No, there are tons of them, the trick is to find more that people will want to read about.
-What’s happening with 1001 Arabian Nights? “It’s halfway done, I don’t know.” Sorry for the delay.
-Marvel copied their Queen of Hearts with their fairy tale series, is it aggravating as a smaller publisher? Yeah, but it’s also a compliment.
-Raven’s back.
-At Raven: “Could you publish a book of your tweets, because they’re totally awesome.” Raven tries to dismiss that right away, says not everyone needs to know what he’s saying on the internet. Umm… okay.
-Are they doing anything Robin Hood? They’ve talked about it. They have an Oz series coming out next year though.
-Things are falling apart. “This is our worst panel ever.” “We apologize for this panel.”
-They’re throwing a party later and use this opportunity to promote it. $5 entry. Girls come dressed in fairy tale outfits and get in for free. Can win $250 and a pro photo shoot
-Are they interested in making any of their stuff into video games? They are interested, have some ideas for games based on Grimm.
-I win a t-shirt in a raffle. Seems as good a way as any to end a panel.

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