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Green Lantern Movie Game Tie-in Official

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On July - 14 - 2009


With a crapload of comic superhero movies from both Marvel and DC coming out in the next two or three years, a glut of tie-in games can be expected. The latest to be announced is Green Lantern, set to accompany the 2011 movie.

Tie-in games usually range from awful (Iron Man) to somewhat enjoyable, but better than the movie (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), but no recent superhero tie-in can really be described as stellar. Hopefully by 2011, this trend will have changed, because that’s when Green Lantern hits theaters. Not surprisingly, Warner Bros. has announced that a game based on the film is in the works, with Double Helix taking development duties.

Double Helix is also the developer behind Silent Hill: Homecoming (which I enjoyed, though it wasn’t my favorite game in the series) and the upcoming G.I. Joe game. With the movie still two years away, I expect it will be a while before we hear more solid news about this game, but as of now I’m more wary than excited. The game is in development for the 360 and PS3 (which, in 2011, will be six and five years old, respectively, putting them on the verge of being last-gen by that time). Let’s hope newly appointed Green Lantern actor Ryan Reynolds will provide solid voice work for the game at the very least. Expect more details as we get closer to the film’s release.


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