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God of War Comic Starts This October

Posted by Luke Brown On July - 15 - 2009


Wildstorm has announced a brand-new God of War mini-series to start this October.

Kratos is coming to comics. With the recent success of the comic adaptations of Gears of War, World of Warcraft, Prototype, Starcraft, and Resident Evil, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before another major gaming license made the transition. This morning, Wildstorm (a division of DC Comics) revealed their plans for a six-issue God of War comic being written by Marv Wolfman and featuring the art of Kevin Sharpe, with covers from Andy Park.


While details on the story are sparse at this time, with an industry legend like Marv Wolfman at the helm, you know you’re going to be getting your money’s worth. Hell, even if Wolfman only puts in one-tenth of the effort he gave to Crisis on Infinite Earths or Teen Titans, it’ll be better than 70% of the comics on shelves today. The artist, Kevin Sharpe, has recently had stints on Nova (Marvel), the aforementioned Resident Evil (Wildstorm), and Army of Darkness (Dynamite). He’s a very solid storyteller, and I’m sure working with Wolfman will have him bringing his “A” game.


We should expect to hear more about the series in the coming weeks when DC’s actual October solicitations come out. Since it starts in October, the six months it’ll take for the series to complete should have it ending just in time for God of War III‘s arrival at retailers in March, so it just may be a prequel, even though God of War II was basically a direct lead in. It’s not like I’m not going to buy it no matter what anyway.


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