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Starbreeze Not Working On Darkness 2

Posted by Luke Brown On July - 28 - 2009


Way back in April of 2008, we reported that a sequel to Starbreeze’s video game adaptation of the Top Cow comic, The Darkness, was in the works. This past weekend at San Diego Comic Con, the comic publisher revealed in an official capacity that the follow-up to the well-received Darkness video game was currently in development. Strangely, there was no mention of Starbreeze being the developer.

According to VG247, that’s because they’re not. The website spoke with Starbreeze CEO Johan Kristiansson, who confirmed that they would not be working on the sequel.

I heard that there were talks about a Darkness sequel, but Starbreeze is not involved in anything like that right now. We are busy on two projects together with EA.

As of right now, the only person working on Darkness 2 that worked on the original is writer Paul Jenkins. There’s no word on whether or not Mike Patton will return as the voice of the Darkness, or if the game will be a direct follow-up either. While I did enjoy the first game, I’m worried that Starbreeze isn’t returning. I know it takes time to develop a game, but a property like The Darkness isn’t exactly time sensitive, so I don’t know why Top Cow is deciding to move on without the original dev team. I guess in the meantime we’ll just have to hope that Starbreeze’s upcoming Bourne game is better than the last one.

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