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PSP Digital Reader Scores Marvel Comics

Posted by Chris On August - 18 - 2009


Almost hidden among Sony’s big reveals at Gamescon was the announcement of a digital reader for the PSP.  It may not be as sexy as the PS3 Slim, but it will offer “many different types of media,” and will launch with hundreds of Marvel Comics.

Marvel’s VP Ira Rubenstein was on-hand at the event to announce the comic publisher’s partnership with Sony, but other comics are expected to hit the service, as well.  Transformers, Star Trek and Archie were mentioned specifically.  According to Sony, the content will be made easier to read with “autoflow.”

As a comic reader, I have to admit I’m never happy to hear about a new digital distribution avenue for comics.  I understand that increased printing costs are forcing the comics industry to find new streams of revenue, but I worry that once a digital outlet becomes succesfull with comics, it will mark the death of the printed comic.  I like holding a book in my hands, then putting it in a bag and board, and sorting it into its proper place in my collection.  You just can’t do that with digital comics.

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