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The Darkness #79

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On August - 18 - 2009


What’s Jackie Estacado up to this month? Find out what he does now that he’s got his powers back in The Quarter Bin’s review of The Darkness #79.


The Darkness #79
Writer: Phil Hester
Artist: Jorge Lucas
Cover Artist: Lucas, Whilce Portacio


Last month, the action started to pick up again as Jackie regained control of his life and his Darklings, the hilarious little monsters who have been sorely missed. Now, Estacado’s mission is clear: he needs to destroy the Sovereign, who has made his life hell (moreso than usual) in recent months. This is no easy task, since Sovereign can take form in a number of specially designated statues around the world. That’s okay, though; Jackie Estacado has time, money, and after this issue, a kickass crew.

Though the storyline doesn’t move forward as much as I expected in issue #79, it’s a good story that feels like it’s on the verge of kicking off a very long tale of revenge. Jackie needs some new friends, or a new version of his “family, as it were, since he’s never really had one of his own. However, he makes one thing clear: this is not the mob. He wants the best of the best, and he’s willing to pay to make them his own, but he knows their loyalties lie with the cash, not him. That’s just fine, as long as they get their jobs done.


The pacing in this issue is especially good. Phil Hester has done a great job of introducing us to some new characters that I assume will be around for a while, at least a few months, if not years. Last month I noted that The Darkness had been a little lacking on the action front, moving slowly through Jackie’s futile quest to regain his soul (which was never actually missing). Once Estacado returned to form, it was like a breath of fresh air, and that continues this month.

The Darkness #79 is in comic shops now, and I recommend picking it up. If you were a little turned off by Jackie’s long crawl out of hell, don’t worry: The Darkness is back.

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