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Days Missing #1

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On August - 19 - 2009


The first issue of the Archaia/Roddenberry Productions mini-series, Days Missing, hit comic shops today. Read on to find out what we thought about it.


DAYS MISSING #1 (of 5)
Writer: Phil Hester
Artist: Frazer Irving
Cover Artist: Dale Keown, Frazer Irving, Phil Hester


I should have known that a sci-fi story published by Archaia would be anything but your typical time travel tale. Don’t get me wrong, I love time travel as much as anyone. It’s a cool concept that basically allows you to take your plot anywhere, and when done right, it’s always interesting. Plus, the preview pages we saw a few days ago had dinosaurs in them, so I was pretty sure I was going to be on board from the start. That being said, I still found Days Missing #1 to be a great read. The first issue puts a new spin on an old concept in a way that makes time travel feel fresh again.

Imagine if every time humanity got close to an extinction-level event, someone was there to make sure that didn’t happen. This is the basic premise of Days Missing. One being, around since the dawn of time, has witnessed the rise and fall of species and kingdoms, and has been a notable part of the history of Earth–except no one knows about. No one ever remembers that he was there, but he always is, shaping the course of whatever the current dominant species on the planet is.

Of course, we still have a lot to learn about the mysterious stranger. How did he come to be? If he’s been around since time began, why does he take the shape of a human when he predates humanity by millions of years? What other apocalypses has he prevented, and does any threat to the human race exist that he can’t thwart? I assume we’ll find out the answers to some of these questions in the next four issues.

In case you couldn’t tell, I really dug the first issue of Days Missing. It’s a very cool story, and categorizing it as a time travel tale isn’t even completely accurate. It’s out today and only 99 cents, so there’s really no reason not to pick it up. The Darkness writer Phil Hester gets to flex his creative muscle on this story, and he handles it well. Give it a read, you just might like it.

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