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Marvel’s Thor Game in Development

Posted by Chris On August - 19 - 2009


Marvel Comics owns some of the gaming world’s most coveted licenses.  Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Hulk, and Wolverine  have all seen multiple game adaptations of varying degrees of quality.  Pretty much every Marvel movie has had an associated game, and with a full roster of Avengers coming to theatres in the coming years, we’re sure to see plenty of super-heroic gaming action.  Marvel has announced that they are currently working on one of those projects, The Mighty Thor.

This announcement came as part of Marvel Executive Ira Rubenstein’s statement to Joystiq yesterday about the publisher’s new commitment to quality games based on their characters.  While talking about the fact that Marvel will no longer base its games directly off of movies, Rubenstein let slip that he is proud of the team working on the Thor game.  No publisher or developer has been mentioned, but one can safely assume that Activision will be handling the pub duties.

Thor, based on the Norse god of Thunder, has been a Marvel mainstay for 35 years, and will see a movie adaptation in 2011, directed by Sir Kenneth Branagh.  He is big, strong, can command storms and lightning, and has an awesome hammer called Mjolnir.

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