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What to Watch for Wednesday

Posted by Luke Brown On September - 22 - 2009


For comics shipping 09.23.09 or The Week Dollhouse (and Eliza Dushku) Returns. Every week I’ll check Diamond’s shipping list to see what you absolutely, positively need to spend all your hard earned cash on at the Local Comic Shop.



Detective Comics #857 – $3.99

The conclusion to Greg Rucka and JH Williams III’s opening arc arrives this week, and I’m excited for two reasons. One: More JH Williams III art to liven up my Wednesday. Two: The continuing adventures of the Question by Rucka and Cully Hamner in the back-up, sorry, second feature. As fantastic as the main tale starring Batwoman has been both artistically and as a story, getting the adventures of Renee Montoya, aka the Question, every month has been an absolute treat. I’ve always loved the way Rucka writes Montoya, and while putting her into a more prominent role in the DCU by making her the Question was a risky move on DC’s part, I think the character has never been better. Here’s to the continued success of both characters.


Power Girl #5 – $2.99

Somehow I forgot to pick up issue four of this title when it shipped, a fact I intend to rectify when I go tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to this month’s issue. Even without knowing what transpired 22 pages ago, the creative team of Gray, Palmiotti, and Connor has delivered each issue, and there’s no reason to think that this month will be any different. Seriously, has there been a better take on this character since Johns’ JSA Classified mini? The light-heartedness of the book is refreshing, and shows that you don’t have to always take yourself so seriously in this industry.


Wednesday Comics #12 – $3.99

It all ends here. Twelve weeks ago, fifteen different creative teams set out to tell fifteen different stories on a weekly basis. Some of them got off to a slow start, but ended up being rather enjoyable. Some of them started with promise, then completely fizzled. A few were failures, plain and simple. Overall, I’d have to consider this weekly format something I would continue to support if DC continued to publish it. I’m not so sure I’d like to see another 52 or Countdown, but the Wednesday Comics approach just seems to offer more possibilities. I look forward to seeing whether or not other companies attempt something similar in the future because if done right, it could give the industry a shot in the arm.



Fantastic Four #571 – $2.99

Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham have just started their run, and already I get the feeling that we’re in store for something special here. A collective of all the Reed Richards in all the possible universes completely makes sense, and I’m curious to see where Hickman is going to take the idea that there are three Reeds who preside over the rest. If that cover’s any indication, Hickman and Eaglesham won’t be pulling any punches.


Spider-Woman #1 – $3.99

About a bajillion years in the waiting, we finally get the Spider-Woman ongoing series Bendis has wanted to put out seemingly since he started at Marvel. Teaming with frequent collaborator Alex Maleev, Bendis reintroduces Jessica Drew to the Marvel U as an agent of S.W.O.R.D. I have no idea what to expect from this book. There’s a motion comic series available, but I don’t have an iPhone, so I have no idea what’s been happening there. I hope this book is good because Drew’s an interesting character, and I’d like to find out more about her. With Bendis on writing duties, I don’t see any way this book is getting canceled any time soon, so it looks like we’re in for the long haul. Sweet.


Wolverine: Old Man Logan Giant Size #1 – $4.99

Decades after the end of the Marvel U as we know it, Wolverine is a shell of his former self. That is until the Hulk Gang goes and kills his whole family. Some other stuff happened in between, but it’s been so long since I’ve read any of it, I forget just what transpired. I honestly can’t remember how long we’ve been waiting for Millar and McNiven to complete this final chapter of a story that was hit with so many delays Marvel actually skipped around it and published issues of Wolverine out of sequence for the first time ever. Hope this finale lives up to the hype.

No trade this week. Save up some cash for SPX this weekend. See you next time.

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