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Days Missing #2

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On October - 6 - 2009


The Archaia/Roddenberry miniseries Days Missing #2 hits comic shops tomorrow. After the intriguing first issue, can this one sustain the interest? Read on to find out.


Days Missing #2 (of 5)
Writer: David Hine
Artist: Chris Burnham
Cover Artists: Dale Keown, Frazer Irving


I was pretty much already on board with the time-traveling fun of Days Missing after the first issue, but after reading Days Missing #2 I am digging it even more. Like I said last month, the subject of jumping through time to change the course of history has been approached countless times in various forms of media, but somehow David Hine still makes it seem fresh. I even have to use the words “time travel” loosely, because it’s not totally accurate in this case. Our protagonist doesn’t quite travel through time, he exists outside of it, breaking into the world we know only when he is needed. It’s definitely an interesting take on the subject.

In this issue, humanity is on a course to be changed forever–and negatively, most likely–by the work of an ambitious scientist and amateur surgeon, who is convinced that he can resurrect the dead. This is the start of the tale we now know as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, but in Days Missing, it played out a bit differently–or could have, without the proper intervention. The way that Days Missing brings an alternate reality to historical events, as well as making that contextually sensible, is pretty fascinating. Of course, it certainly helps that the story is accompanied by Chris Burnham’s unique art style. I’m excited to see what time period the book handles next month, and if it continues to be this good, I’ll be bummed when the series ends after issue five.

When the partnership between Archaia and Roddenberry Productions was first announced, I really didn’t know how I’d feel about the resulting comic, not being an overwhelming fan of all sci-fi. However, it’s two issues in and I am definitely in. Check out Days Missing #2 in comic shops this week.

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