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The Stuff of Legend Vol. 1 Book 2

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On October - 9 - 2009


After months of waiting, we finally got to read Stuff of Legend #2, which finishes the first volume of the story. You can see some lovely preview art and read about our opinions below.


The Stuff of Legend Volume 1 Book 2
Writer: Mike Raicht and Brian Smith
Artist: Charles Paul Wilson III


I think Stuff of Legend probably has to be my favorite new book so far this year. The first issue was phenomenal, and issue #2 has also blown me away. This touching tale of a boy’s favorite toys rescuing their master from the dark realm of the Boogeyman continues to be beautifully written and illustrated in this issue. On their journey to find their owner, known as “the boy”, the group find themselves in Hopscotch, where the townsfolk are involved in a perpetual, life-size board game. The Mayor, having been granted a small token of power by the Boogeyman, abuses his authority by making sure that no one ever wins–but he’s never met this group before.

I loved every single page of this issue, but some moments really stood out. Scout, the boy’s puppy and the only one of the group not a toy brought to life, proves that he really does belong among the others due to his unwavering loyalty. Every panel with Scout melted my heart, and I’m not even a dog person. Percy the pig’s internal struggle as he tries to do what he must to survive is another poignant part of the overall plot. Learning what his life was like when he was just a piggy bank in the real world sheds some light on Percy, and makes him a more endearing character.


The Stuff of Legend #2 once again walks the line between children’s tale and dark, mature story with grace. When I got to the last page and realized that the next part of the story wasn’t coming until 2010, I experienced a different kind of heartbreak. Why must I wait so long for this wonderful story to continue? Look for this issue in comic shops soon, and pick it up. If you missed out on the first issue, I would recommend ordering that too. It isn’t often enough that stories this engrossing and wonderfully unique come along, so don’t miss out.




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