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Arkham Asylum Dev “Excited” About Maybe Making More Batman Games

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On November - 1 - 2009


The holiday season is officially here, meaning that triple-A titles are coming out left and right, but that doesn’t mean that we should forget about the fabulous games from earlier in the year. Batman: Arkham Asylum was, by most accounts, freaking awesome, a huge accomplishment for virtually unknown developer Rocksteady.

In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine, Rocksteady cofounder Sefton Hill seemed enthusiastic about the possibility of a sequel to Arkham Asylum.

According to Hill, “I’m not really allowed to comment on that… but there are definitely lots of exciting stories to tell in Batman’s world, and I can say that we’re really privileged to work on it, and excited about future possibilities.” Lots of exciting stories to tell? Definitely. The ending of the game hinted that there may be more adventures in store for the Caped Crusader, and the fact that Hill was “not really allowed” to talk about it might mean that there is something in the works to talk about. I’ve already vocalized my desire to see a sequel set in Gotham City, so let’s make it happen!


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