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What to Watch for Wednesday

Posted by Luke Brown On November - 10 - 2009


For comics shipping 11.11.09 or The Week Modern Warfare 2 Took Over The World. Every week I’ll check Diamond’s shipping list to see what you absolutely, positively need to spend all your hard earned cash on at the Local Comic Shop.



Supergod #1 – $3.99

Yeah, um, when it comes to Warren Ellis, most times I find it’s best to let him describe his own work.

…in the world of SUPERGOD, superhumans are the ultimate expression of the Messiah complex, and scientists can build Messiahs who will fly down from the skies to save the world. No-one thought about how they’d save the world — or even if they’d want to. So begins the apocalyptic tomorrow of SUPERGOD — the story of how supermen killed us all and ended the world just because we wanted to be rescued by human-shaped things from beyond Science itself. Take every superhero comic ever published, shove them into a nuclear-powered blender, soak it in bad vodka and set the whole thing alight — and SUPERGOD will crawl out and eat your brain.

SUPERGOD: praying to be saved by a man who can fly will get you killed.

So, anyone else as psyched for this as me? Yep, thought so.



Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #8 – $2.99

The conclusion to one of the (pardon the pun) wildest Hellboy adventures yet. As soon as I pick this up, I’m re-reading the rest of the series in one sitting to make sure I understood the whole thing. Things are building to a head in the Hellboy universe, and you’re not going to want to miss the series where shit finally started to go down.



Batman/Doc Savage Special – $4.99

Arriving in stores tomorrow is this prologue to the mini-series that will introduce Doc Savage (along with the Spirit and some others) into the DCU in some as-yet-unidentified way. Phil Noto will be providing the art, which if you don’t know, will be pretty damn awesome. Phil’s an excellent artist that deserves a huge book like this to get even more recognition. The words will be provided by one of my favorite writers, Brian Azzarello, and even though some of his superhero work hasn’t been exceptional, it’ll still be a good read. Besides, dude should be right at home with the classic pulp hero, so do check this out.


Green Lantern Corps #42 – $2.99

More “Blackest Night” action comes at you this week, and there are no excuses for not picking this up. So, pick it up.



Punisher MAX #1 – $3.99

It’s the Punisher by way of Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon, who are looking to establish a new status quo immediately by introducing the Kingpin into MAX continuity. Even though it’s a fairly loose continuity, you can bet Aaron and Dillon are going to bring the pain. Literally. So can’t wait for this.

Trade Paperback/Hardcover of the Week


Beast – $15.99

Marian Churchland’s got some real artistic chops. Now her first solo book is hitting shelves, and there’s absolutely no way you should miss it. The story concerns a sculptor hired to carve a portrait of a man out of marble, only neither the man nor the marble are exactly what they seem. I’ve been looking forward to this even since I heard it was coming out simply because I enjoyed some of Churchland’s covers, but now that I’ve got a chance to see her sequential work, I’m really stoked.


Luna Park – $24.99

The next book in Vertigo’s Vertigo Crime line comes courtesy of Kevin Baker and Danijel Zezelj. Now Baker I’m not exactly familiar with, but as you can see from this cover, Zezelj has quite an interesting style. I love this line, and the one-off stories make for some really good reads. Centering on an immigrant drug addict and his fortune-teller girlfriend and their journey to escape the world they’re currently trapped in, I’m betting this story is going to be one of the shining gems of the line. You’d do well to pick this up.


Superman: Red Son, Deluxe Edition – $24.99

Yeah, I know, three different graphic novels this week. Your wallet is going to be killing you, but you’ll be thanking me. In case you missed this when it was coming out monthly, or the first time it was collected in paperback form, you can now add this awesome Elseworlds story about what would have happened if Superman’s rocket landed in Russia instead of Smallville. Truly one of the best stories that Mark Millar has ever done, everyone should make sure this book is in their collection. Seriously, the final few sequences alone are worth the price of admission, and the refreshing take on the DCU Millar provides is pretty fun. Best alternate dimension Hal Jordan ever, by the way.

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