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Berserker #3

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On November - 23 - 2009


The gore-fest known as Berserker continues this week, with the third issue of the miniseries hitting shops Wednesday. Want to know what we thought? Keep on reading.


Berserker #3
Writer: Rick Loverd
Artist: Jeremy Haun
Cover Artists: Dale Keown, Jeremy Haun


When we last saw Farris and Aaron, they were still dealing with their recently awakened Berserker powers, struggling with the curse and the horrific acts they had unconsciously committed. I was worried that the six-issue story arc wasn’t moving along quickly enough, and that writer Rick Loverd wouldn’t have time to develop a well-paced story in the remaining issues. However, this month, things start… happening. The two separae protagonists begin to veer in different directions, and their lives aren’t running parallel anymore.

Farris thinks he’s a monster, and to deal, he’s decided to kill other monsters–other Berserkers. Aaron, meanwhile, just wants to run. His Berserker powers have caused him to destroy the one good thing in his life, and he’s being hunted by the FBI. He doesn’t know what to do, so his instinct is to get away. Eventually, I think their paths are going to have to cross, and it’s probably going to get ugly. It’s interesting that both of them are haunted by the ghosts of the people they’ve killed; with Farris, it’s his old war buddy, whle Aaron can’t stop seeing his dead girlfriend. I didn’t really think too much of this at first, assuming they were both just haunted by guilt, but now it seems like something more is happening to them–although what it all means, I can’t say.

The story development hasn’t stopped this from being full of blood, gore, and body parts. Limbs are ripped from bodies, innards are draped around blood-stained houses, and the blood is just spraying everywhere. Jeremy Haun’s depictions of these vicious, brutal acts of savagery are horrifying–but in the way they’re supposed to be. Seriously, I don’t know how this guy stomachs the stuff he has to draw, but he’s handling it well.

Three issues down and three to go. I’m starting to get a picture of where the story might be going, but I’m still going along for the ride. Check out Berserker #3 in comic shops this Wednesday.

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