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Top Cow Announces Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On December - 23 - 2009


Broken Trinity may be long over, but the repercussions are still being felt in the Top Cow U. Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box kicks off a new storyline dealing with those mysterious artifacts next February.


LOS ANGELES, Calif., December 22, 2009 – Top Cow Productions, Inc. proudly announced today the February-release of Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box, a limited series dealing with the aftermath of last year’s blockbuster event, Broken Trinity, marking the beginning of the road to Artifacts.

Last year’s Broken Trinity established the Witchblade, the Darkness and the Angelus as the three primary forces, as well as Artifacts, in Top Cow’s universe.  By the end of Broken Trinity, it was made known that 13 artifacts existed in the world.  Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box centers on Michael Finnegan and Glorianna Silver, the bearers of the Artifacts known as the Glacier Stone and Ember Stone, respectively, who return for a pulse-pounding, world-spanning adventure series.  When a fanatic cult embarks on a quest to remake the world with the mythical Pandora’s Box, Finn and Glori’s individual goals of gathering the 13 Artifacts are kicked into overdrive.

Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box is co-written by newcomers Rob Levin (The Darkness: Shadows and Flame, The Darkness: Butcher) and Bryan Edward Hill (Broken Trinity: Aftermath), with art from Alessandro Vitti (Secret Warriors).  The six-issue mini-series will feature covers by Tommy Lee Edwards (1985).

“Comics are the most exciting form of genre storytelling right now, and Top Cow leads the pack,” said Hill.  “I’m thrilled to co-write this with Rob because he’s as crazy as I am and that should mean readers will get their money’s worth out of this mini-series.”

“Top Cow has a history of working with writers who grab comics by the balls,” said Levin.  “They did it with Mark Millar on WANTED, Ron Marz on WITCHBLADE, and Phil Hester on THE DARKNESS.  Now they’ve gone and hired two folks who are going to grab and squeeze until everyone is begging for mercy, or is it for more? Either way, with four hands involved, people are going to take notice once again.”

Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box will lead up to the 2010 summer event, Artifacts, penned by Broken Trinity and Witchblade writer Ron Marz.  The 13-issue mini-series will focus on the 13 artifacts hinted at through the Top Cow Universe.

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