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PlayStation Comic Store Update – 01.07.10

Posted by Luke Brown On January - 7 - 2010

The PlayStation Store has updated with their first batch of comics for the new year, and with a hair just over forty new digital comics, there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

With no new digital comics available last week, I was hoping Sony would unload a ton of comics this week. While forty some-odd comics is a fairly good amount, there isn’t exactly a whole lot of really good stuff to choose from. Civil War was cool, but I’m not sure that’s a story that will translate well to the miniature version. Brubaker and Lark’s opening arc on Daredevil, “The Devil in Cell Block D,” is really great, but without knowing whether or not they’ll continue to upload more of their run on the book, it makes picking up the first six issues kind of hard. Trust me, that’s a storyline where you won’t want to wait for the next chapter. Another chapter of G.I. Joe: Cobra also arrives, and I can without a doubt recommend it, but I’d wait until you can get all the issues at once. At this pace, that’ll be in another few weeks.

I’ve been pretty impressed with Sony’s offerings thus far, and even though I haven’t plunked down that much cash on digital comics, the quantity and quality of the selection is starting to wear on me. I’m still going to be getting my physical copies every Wednesday, but depending on what happens with this rumored Apple tablet, the Microsoft Courier, and other digital readers, I might have to seriously consider starting my virtual comic collection sooner than I thought.

You can peruse the full list of comics available this week below.

* 2000AD Prog # 1661 – $1.99
* Civil War (2006) # 1-7 – $1.99 (each)
* Daredevil (1998) # 81-86 – $1.99 (each)
* DoubleDuck # 0 – $1.99
* Fethry Duck and the Ghost Writer # 0 – $0.99
* G.I. Joe: Cobra # 2 – $0.99
* G.I. Joe Origins # 3 – $0.99
* Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft # 2 – $0.99
* Mickey Mouse in: “War of the Worlds” # 0 – $1.99
* Nanovor: Game Day # 2 – $0.99
* Paranormal Activity: The Search for Katie # 1 – $0.99
* Star Trek: Countdown # 1-4 – $0.99 (each)
* Superduck: Robber Against His Will # 0 – $0.99
* The Avengers (1998) # 56-67 – $1.99 (each)
* Transformers: All Hail Megatron # 8 – $1.99
* Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse: It Only Hurts When I Pee # 5 – $0.99
* X-Mickey: The Day of the Forget-Me-Rats # 0 – $1.99

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