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What to Watch for Wednesday

Posted by Luke Brown On January - 12 - 2010


For comics shipping 01.13.10 or The Week The Watcher Wasn’t Revealed To Be Twilight. Every week I’ll check Diamond’s shipping list to see what you absolutely, positively need to spend all your hard earned cash on at the Local Comic Shop.



Buffy the Vampire Slayer #31 – $2.99

With all this Twilight hullabaloo, it’s easy to forget that when last we left of, Buffy was floating/flying above the battlefield where so many of her foes and fellow Slayers had fallen. Joss Whedon returns for this one-shot story that, judging by the looks of the cover, will wrap up the Tibetan journey, and start Season 8′s whirlwind final year. Including starting the reveal of the real Twilight in motion.



Catwoman #83 – $2.99

This week brings us yet another special “Blackest Night” tie-in of a formerly canceled book. Selina killed the Black Mask, but with all these Black Lantern rings flying around resurrecting the dead, maybe the Black Mask isn’t as deceased as Selina once believed. And honestly, how can you pass up a comic with an Adam Hughes cover as gorgeous as that one?


Dante’s Inferno #2 – $3.99

The next issue of Wildstorm’s adaptation of the upcoming EA game arrives this week, and after the captivating first issue, I’m definitely checking this out. Diego Latorre’s art is simply stunning, and it’s very hard to focus on anything else on the page. I’d be interested to see where he goes next, and would definitely pick up a book just for his art alone.


Daytripper #2 – $2.99

Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon continue their creator-owned series exploring the life of a simple obituary writer who may or may not have been shot dead last issue. Yeah, it’s that kind of philosophical journey, and you’d better believe it’s an amazing story thus far. These are two creators that you’d do well to follow if you aren’t already.



Army of Two #1 – $3.99

Hey, what’s the deal with all these video game comic books? And what’s more, why are a lot of them EA-based comics? Not that I’m complaining. Mass Effect is ripe for adaptation. You’ve read my thoughts on Dante’s Inferno above. Army of Two is being written by Peter Milligan, one of my favorite comic writers, and it’s also a pretty fun action video game, so it stands to reason that this mini-series might be pretty decent. I’m not sure where this comic fits into the game’s chronology, but does it matter? I thought not.



Invincible Iron Man #22 – $2.99

What’s not to love about this comic? It’s written extremely well by Matt Fraction. The dialogue is sharp. The plotting is smart. The characters are wonderfully realized. The Salvador Larroca art is absolutely stellar. The book’s consistency makes it one of the most enjoyable reads every month, and with all that’s been happening with Tony over the last year, you’d do well to find out just how Iron Man comes back to life.


The Marvels Project #5 – $3.99

The new history of the Marvel Universe is being written, and you’re missing it. Unless you’re reading this mini-series. Find out how the world we’ve grown to love reading about began, and how characters’ lives like Captain America, Nick Fury, and the original Human Torch have intertwined to make today’s Marvel U the one we can’t get enough of. Has Ed Brubaker ever let you down before? Exactly.


Punisher MAX #3 – $3.99

There’s not a single character that Jason Aaron can’t write. Even though the Kingpin’s origin has been done to death, it’s a bit refreshing getting this slightly altered take on the criminal mastermind as he exists in the MAX continuity. Since the only other hero in that continuity is the Punisher, it makes sense that their lives would be so connected. Even though I know how this story is going to end, I’m excited to see how it gets there.

Trade Paperback/Hardcover of the Week


Human Target: Chance Meetings – $14.99

Right here, we’re talking about 200 pages of awesome. Peter Milligan’s re-imagining of Human Target was one of the best things I’ve read in the last ten years, and considering just how much of that run you’re getting for just $15, you can consider this an absolute must own. Forget the fact that there’s a television series coming out next week that is loosely based on the premise of this comic. Concentrate instead on the idea of a man, Christopher Chance, a master of disguise/body guard (of sorts) for hire that takes on the personas of the people that have hired him to protect them. I don’t want to spoil much of the plots of the two stories collected here, but needless to say, the psychology and philosophy of a man who can do what Chance does is worth reading. Once you turn that last page, you’ll see what I mean, and seek out more of this comic. It’s that good.

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