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The Darkness: Shadows and Flame

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On January - 22 - 2010


See what the Darkness was like during the end of the 19th century with the Top Cow one-shot The Darkness: Shadows and Flame.


The Darkness: Shadows & Flame
Writer: Rob Levin
Artist: Jorge Lucas
Cover Artist: Jorge Lucas

What’s interesting about the major powers in the Top Cow universe, and in this case specifically the Darkness, is that they have been around for centuries, millennia, presumably even longer. That means there’s a rich history just waiting to be explored, which occasionally happens in the form of a mini-series or one-shot. Such is the case with The Darkness: Shadows and Flame, a Lovecraft-inspired tale set in 1897.

Salvador Gomes is a broken man who has lost his family, and is desperately trying to get them back. The only way to do this, he believes, is to summon a rumored “Shadow God”, a being that can change the past. This would free Salvador from his horrid memories, his all-consuming guilt and misery–or so he thinks. Much like making a deal with the devil, requesting help from the bearer of the Darkness can have unexpected consequences.

The majority of this issue takes place at night, appropriately enough, and artist Jorge Lucas paints the pages with images of darkness. The only real brightness comes from the titular flames, although I won’t spoil anything by revealing their purpose. The artwork does a good job of setting the tone, and seems to reflect Salvador’s inner turmoil.

The Darkness: Shadows and Flame is an interesting look at the Top Cow U’s past, giving just a glimpse of who the Darkness used to be, decades before Jackie Estacado would wield that power. If you’re a fan of Estacado’s adventures, then pick up this one-shot, which is in stores now.

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