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Warner Bros. Interactive revealed plans to open a new studio in Montréal where the primary focus will be DC Comics based titles. This, of course, is great news.

Earlier today, Warner Brothers Interactive announced plans to open a Montréal studio, aptly named WB Games Montreal. The studio, lead by Warner Bros. Interactive’s president Martin Tremblay, hopes to have 300 employees by the end of 2015. Since the announcement, GameFocus contacted WB and was told that the studio would be focusing on DC Comics games, opening up the possibility for more software to follow in WB’s recent success with Batman: Arkham Asylum. This could mean a number of things, from a Wonder Woman game to a new Superman title, but odds are, above all else, it means even more Batman. Much, much more Batman.

At the Penny-Arcade Expo last year, a WB representatives told Gamervision that the success of Arkham Asylum hasn’t gone unnoticed by the heads at the company. In fact, they were already looking to try and have the game become a yearly series, not unlike Activision’s Call of Duty franchise. Naturally, Rocksteady would handle semi-yearly releases, but, at the time, the WB representatives mentioned that the publisher would find another studio to handle the off-years. It would appear that, instead, they’ve simply started anew, building WB Games Montreal with that goal in mind. There’s a chance they’ll be working on other games, but the runaway success of Arkham likely means their focus is clear. Well, that, and a Green Lantern game to come out alongside the movie. We’ll keep you posted.


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