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The Darkness #83

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On March - 23 - 2010


It’s been a while, but Jackie Estacado returns to comic shops this week in The Darkness #83. Check out our thoughts on the latest chapter in the battle against the Sovereign.


The Darkness #83
Writer: Phil Hester
Artist: Michael Broussard
Cover Artist: Dennis Calero


It’s been two and a half months since the last issue of The Darkness, which left Jackie Estacado staring down a few tanks as his crew tried to make their escape with another incarnation of the Sovereign in tow. In this issue, we see the outcome of both parties, with the events of Jackie’s time in South America being revisited as well. After the last few issues, which have had a much lighter tone thanks to the return of Jackie’s Darklings, we are reminded of the horrible things Estacado has done, and the figurative demons he has to live with in addition to real ones.

This issue ends Michael Broussard’s run on The Darkness, but he was able to draw plenty of action-packed panels that will make readers miss him. I’m really curious to see what direction the artwork of this series will take under a different artist, since I’ve gotten so used to Broussard’s style.

Phil Hester has written another nicely-paced, action-filled issue, though at this point I’m anxious for the Sovereign storyline to wrap up because I’m looking forward to the other events going on in the Top Cow universe in coming months, which I assume Jackie Estacado will be a big part of. It appears that we’re quickly heading towards a big climax and things could get ugly, but I can’t wait to see how Jackie finally resolves things.

The Darkness #83 will be in comic shops on Wednesday, March 24.

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