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Angelus #3

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On April - 13 - 2010


Angelus #3 from Top Cow is out this week. Hit the jump for some preview pages, as well as our thoughts on the issue.


Angelus #3 (of 6)
Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Stjepan Sejic
Cover Artist: Stjepan Sejic


In Angelus #2, Dani Baptiste, still adjusting to her new powers and a location change, learned that the mission of the Angelus from the dawn of time was to destroy the current bearer of the Darkness. However, in Dani’s case, that’s complicated. How can she kill Jackie Estacado, the father of her friend Sara’s baby? And even if they were to battle, would she be able to take him in a fight now that he’s got the full power of the Darkness back?


Angelus #3 not only brings about a confrontation between Dani and Jackie, it also helps set up Top Cow’s big summer event, Artifacts. While Dani struggles with what to do about the Darkness, the rest of the Angelus are hunting down one of these artifacts for Sabine, who is content to let Dani fight for herself and earn her position of power. It’s clear that there is still some bitterness among the rest of the Angelus, even though Dani clearly didn’t ask to be their new leader, and I wonder if they would be there for Dani in a struggle.


I am really loving Stjepan Sejic’s artwork in this series. Every panel just seems to pop, and in this issue the vivid nature of the Angelus in contrast to the grim tones of the Darkness is really great to see. Ron Marz has also been doing a wonderful job getting this series going, and the two of them (as always) are a fantastic team with these Top Cow properties.

Angelus #3 will be in comic shops Wednesday, April 14.

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