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One-of-a-Kind Scott Pilgrim DS for Sale on eBay

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On April - 27 - 2010


Would you pay over $300 for an original DS, also sometimes known as a DS Phat? No? What if it was signed and customized by Bryan Lee O’Malley?

The DS seen above is listed on the online auction site, and the seller claims that it was customized by Mr. O’Malley in 2006. If you’re wondering whether or not it’s legit, I actually found this through O’Malley’s Twitter, so I’m guessing it is.

The actual description is as follows:

This first generation NINTENDO DS has been with me ever since they were first released. I didn’t play it too often, and in the summer of 2006 I asked BRYAN LEE O’MALLEY, of SCOTT PILGRIM fame, to doodle a little Scott Pilgrim in the Super Mario Bros 3 “Super Leaf” form and also autograph my DS. He obliged, and the rest is history! Since he enhanced my system with his magical line art, I only played the system a handful of times. It still runs perfectly, and is in good condition! The bottom side is the most worn out, and there are a few tiny nicks and scratches on the top side (See the attached photos). I will include a 3rd party charging cable which also works perfectly!

As an added bonus, I will throw in this super rare LEGEND OF ZELDA FEATHER PEN STYLUS which I received as a gift when I pre-ordered THE PHANTOM HOURGLASS, which has never been used!

Thank you, and now… BID IT UP!

I can’t imagine why someone who is obviously such a fan of Scott Pilgrim would unload a neat customized item like this, although I suppose it’s possible he’s just hard up for cash. As of this writing, there have been 14 bids and the price is up to $305.00, with about nine hours to go until the auction ends. So what are you waiting for? You heard the man, bid it up!

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