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What to Watch for Wednesday

Posted by Luke Brown On April - 27 - 2010


For comics shipping 04.28.10 or The Week We Finally Got A Look At Jonah Hex. Every week I’ll check Diamond’s shipping list to see what you absolutely, positively need to spend all your hard earned cash on at the Local Comic Shop.



Green Lantern Corps #47 – $3.99

The rebuilding of the Corps begins here as Kyle, Guy, and the rest of the senior Lanterns take stock of how the GLC is run, and how it should be run going into the future. If you enjoyed the last year’s worth of Green Lantern comics, or are just getting into them after reading Blackest Night, this is a comic you’re not going to want to miss. Green Lantern Corps, with its focus on the space-faring peace-keeping army, is such a radically different book than regular Green Lantern, which primarily focuses on the GL action related to Earth, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Getting to see all the “second-tier” Lanterns in action is something I look forward to every month. Hopefully you will too.


Northlanders #27 – $2.99

The second to last chapter of “Plague Widow” arrives this week, and after the events of last issue, it’s clear that everything that’s happened during these last six issues is finally reaching the boiling point. I’m not certain how it’s all going to end, but knowing Brian Wood, and judging by that cover, it’s certainly not going to be pretty.


Scalped #37 – $2.99

If there’s one person on this planet whose bad side I wouldn’t want to be on, it’s Shunka’s. After everything that happened last issue, including the murder of a man who clearly had more of an impact on Shunka that he’d be willing to admit, there’s no telling how far Shunka is going to take his revenge. Jason Aaron has created such a wonderfully complex world full of extremely disturbed characters it’s becoming harder and harder to not read this book while I’m driving home from the comic shop. There are few stories, let alone comics, that are as compelling as Scalped. Isn’t it time you found out just how good it was?



Amazing Spider-Man #629 – $2.99

Lee Weeks and Roger Stern conclude their three-part story “Something Can Stop the Juggernaut” this week. I’ve got an strange feeling you’re not going to want to miss out on this finale.


Captain America #605 – $3.99

Be there for the final pages of “Two Americas.” Don’t miss out on how Bucky Cap and the Falcon stop the rogue Captain America from taking back America. I’m really glad that the higher-ups at Marvel have allowed Bucky to remain Captain America for the foreseeable future (you know, until the movie comes out) because he’s such a wonderfully written character, and he’s evolved so nicely over the last five years, it’d be a shame for him take a step backwards and become just another man in a mask again. Though, I have to admit I’m curious to see how this whole Steve Rogers, Super Soldier thing works out.


Invincible Iron Man #25 – $3.99

You haven’t been reading Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca’s Invincible Iron Man? Shame on you. Although, now would be the perfect time to jump on board. Sure, you missed out on two years of some of the best written Iron Man comics of the last thirty years, but that certainly doesn’t mean this creative team’s best days are behind them. No, in fact, I’d say these two are just getting warmed up. Besides, anytime Iron Man gets a new set of armor, you know some cool shit is going to happen.


Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #1 – $3.99

Lenil Yu joins Mark Millar on this second six-issue volume collection of stories starring the latest Ultimate Avengers team. By the looks of things, Nick Fury and Captain America are looking to put together a new team, and have gone no further than recruiting the Punisher into the fold. Though I’m sure he’ll be virtually the same Frank Castle we’ve all come to know and fear, I’m looking forward to seeing Millar’s unique spin on the character. You should be too.



Stumptown #3 – $3.99

If it feels like forever since you’ve last read an issue of this book, believe me, it has been. That’s okay though. Greg Rucka’s superb writing and Southworth’s excellent art make the wait more than worth it. Besides, I’m so excited to see where the mystery Dex is trying to solve is going next that I don’t even care that it’s been like three months since the last chapter. I just hope we won’t have to wait as long for the fourth, and final, issue of this initial run.

Trade Paperback/Hardcover of the Week


Rapture – $19.99

Michael Avon Oeming and Taki Soma teamed to create this mini-series about what two people in love separated by an entire continent, and a devastated planet, will do to find each other again. Oh, and there’s the little bit about one of those lovers being gifted with a tremendous power after the world goes through such a drastic collapse. I only got to pick up the first issue when this series was shipping monthly because the damn thing kept selling out, so I’m making sure to get this complete collection of the mini-series up this week. I really enjoyed how it all began, and if you’re curious if this book is something you’ll like as well, you can check out a preview of the entire first issue on Dark Horse’s website right here.

That’s it for this week. See you next time.

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